Monday, 14 July 2008

Upcoming Q&A Session With Matty!

Got a question you'd like Matty to answer? Is it tour related? About the new album? Or one of those crazy random 'you-just-have-to-know-the-answer-to' type questions? Send an e-mail to (or leave a comment if you prefer) and watch this space for the upcoming Q&A feature!

Just like the Q&A session with Ben last November, Postcards From Hell will try its best to use all your questions but it may be the case that only a handful of those asked will be answered. However with that being said, still feel free to send as many questions as you like!


Anonymous said...

what inspires matty and zebrahead to write lyrics for the songs for phoenix for example?

dataDyneDaz said...

Thanks for the question! I got your e-mail as well lol so it's all good!

Joe W said...

Will zebrahead be touring the uk again when the new cd comes out ?
because you guys were awesome in cardiff clwb ifor bach in june and newport centre in october

Anonymous said...

Matty, what inspires you? Do you like florida? and when are you planning on taking another shower?