Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Cover Of The Month: GoodBettrBest - Veils & Visions

Well it's that time again folks. You know it's been a slow month for Zebrahead news when the last COTM is just a few posts down from this one!

Anyway moving shiftly on, this month's winner is non other than MFZB.com's very own GoodBettrBest! The video below allows you to see his awesome guitar skills while covering Veils & Visions from the band's Waste Of MFZB CD. As always we'll be searching the highs and lows of YouTube to find a winner for next month, so feel free to hook us up with a video link if your in a band or have done a solo cover. And with that said, enjoy this month's winner:

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Panty Raid!

Zebrahead's forthcoming covers album has officially been named as 'Panty Raid'! Hmmm we have a feeling this title offers a big hint on what kind of songs will be featured (think about it!). Full tracklisting and other details should be announced soon. In the mean time check out the official announcement below, taken from the band's MySpace blog:
"Yes..the news section has been super super calm lately...that is about to change....big things coming up in the world of zebrahead....FIRST off...a new album of covers....(for those confused...covers are when you play other peoples songs...you would be suprised on how many people are confused by that!)....lots of them....This album will be titled PANTY RAID!

Lets play and lame and ridiculous game and make some guesses as to why it will be named that???..and maybe even some songs you think could be on it based on the album TITLE!!!...Next news blog will have the tracklisting for ya to see!!!....this is coming sooner than you think!!..Lets get this party started!