Thursday, 29 May 2008

Phoenix Track Details.

It has been confirmed that the standard CD release of Phoenix in the US will contain a massive 16 tracks (talk about value for money!). Better yet the European edition of the album will contain an extra track, giving a nice total of 17, while anyone buying the album from Japan will receive a total of 18 tracks (2 bonus tracks)!

One of the Japanese bonus tracks has been confirmed to be "Art Of Breaking Up" and it is assumed that the other bonus track will be the same track that Europe is getting.

Chances are if you are reading this and are from the US, you may be feeling a little left out! But don't worry as ICON Mes will be releasing (possibly in digital format only - think iTunes, Amazon etc) a special advance EP entitled "Not The New Album EP" which will contain the following tracks:

1. Photographs
2. Politics
3. Mental Health

If you're lucky enough to get all versions of the CD you should have a total of 20 (or 21 if the European bonus track is exclusive) songs! Hell yeah!

Second Swindon Show Added!

According to Zebrahead's Official Website, the guys will now be playing a second show at Swindon on the 8th June! Good news for anyone living nearby. Chances are support bands for the second night will be different and there should be a variation in Zebrahead's setlist to keep everybody happy!

Mental Health Live Videos

Several live videos of Zebrahead performing their new single "Mental Health" at the various UK shows have appeared on YouTube! Obviously the quality won't live up to the studio version, but if you're intrigued on how the new song sounds, or want to see how it's performed live then check out the several videos below!

Mental Health Live At Leeds Slam Dunk Festival (Front Of Stage View):

Mental Health Live At Leeds Slam Dunk Festival (Side Of Stage View):

Mental Health Live At Manchester Academy 3 (Front Of Stage View):

I have another video of the song from Manchester to upload soon and will try my best to get a better quality version in some form in the not too distant future!

For known lyrics to the song click here and press "more info"!

Monday, 26 May 2008

Phoenix Release Dates

Quick tidbit here, at yesterday's show Matty announced that Phoenix would be released in the UK (and assumably Europe too) on August 5th. The album will see a Japanese release on July 9th. No word on a US date but stay tuned for any information!

UPDATE: The US release has been revealed as being August 5th 2008 as well! No word on Australia/South America dates yet!

"Ud-hus Better Sit Down For This..."

And titles like that is why I don't do journalism! Here is some important news from the road that may affect you if you are going to a show within the first week of Zebrahead's UK tour.

You've got to picture the scene here. You're in the crowd and the lights go down. This is the moment you've been waiting for. Silhouettes appear and the crowd go nuts. The lights come on and there they are! Ali, Greg, Matty, Ben and... Chris Dalley?!

That's right kids, unfortunately due to a little mishap back home drummer Ed Udhus has had to delay flying out to the UK by about a week, meaning he probably won't be playing until the June 2nd show.

This sounds like a disaster but luckily Zebrahead have managed to avoid cancelling any UK shows thanks to finding an awesome replacement, in the form of Chris Dalley from the band Death By Stereo! Only having a 9 hour flight and some studio time in London on the 24th, Chris has taken on quite a challenge to learn an entire Zebrahead set ready for the UK shows.

So how will this change of line-up effect you if you're attending one of the first few shows? Well apart from the obvious absence of Ed, chances are will be significantly fewer new songs from the new album Phoenix will be played. This may disappoint some fans but you should remember that this would be nowhere near the level of disappointment you would be feeling if the guys had had to cancel. It's hard enough trying to learn the basic songs so it's understandable that having to learn songs from an album that's not even out yet may be pushing it! Yesterday in Leeds did see the debut of "Mental Health" being played, so that song will most likely pop up again though. Anyway here's to Chris for literally saving the start of the tour!

Stay tuned for more possible updates from the road!
Here is a video of Ali explaining Ed's little mishap:

P.S. Hi to anyone reading from!

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Exclusive Download: Jank 1000 - Suburban Punks Are Go!! EP

Up for download today is the first independent EP release from Jank 1000 entitled "Suburban Punks Are Go!!". For anyone not in the know, Jank 1000 was the first band of Matty Lewis, who now of course plays guitar and sings for Zebrahead.

This EP was released back in 1999 and did very well in the local Omaha, Nebraska area. For more information on Jank 1000, including their history and other releases check out the Jank 1000 MySpace Profile!

Full technical details below!

Album: Suburban Punks Are Go!!
Artist: Jank 1000

01. Let's Go!
02. ...In The Meantime
03. Misty 540°
04. Blind
05. Optimus Prime
06. The Idiot...

Bitrate: 192kbps
Genre: Pop-Punk
Year Of Release: 1999
Format: .mp3



Monday, 19 May 2008

Live Video's of UK Tour

Just a heads up that I will hopefully be filming some of the upcoming tour, mainly at the Exeter show, have the ok from the venue and the band.

Video's will be posted here so keep and eye out!

Sunday, 18 May 2008

First Single/Music Video Info Revealed!

It's amazing what you can find with the help of Google! I stumbled onto a blog of PandaWorks, in which a blog entry that was posted on May 16th reveals that Elliot Dillman (video producer of Socratic's "Boy In a Magazine", director of Strung Out's "Calling" and recently director of Pennywise's "The Western World") has booked a shoot with Zebrahead for a song entitled "Mental Health".

Friday, May 16, 2008
BOOKED: Zebrahead -Director, Elliot Dillman

Band: Zebrahead
Song: "Mental Health"
Label: Sony Japan
Director: Elliot Dillman

This will most likely be the first single from Phoenix! It is unknown whether "Mental Health" will play on the theme directly (e.g. straitjackets, doctors, mental asylums galore!) or whether the song/video will take a different route. Either way pretty exciting news! For the first single for Japan we should expect a more "poppy" and "radio friendly" song similar to "Playmate Of The Year", "Into You" and "Anthem". It is important to note that the video may have a completely different feel to it than previous music videos as (not including "Karma Flavored Whisky") this will be the first Zebrahead music video since 2003 that has not been directed by Ilan Sharonee.

Below is a selection of music videos/commercials by Elliot Dillman has worked on:
Pennywise - The Western World
Socratic - Boy In A Magazine
Strung Out - Calling
Axe Commercial

And to get you in the mood for a possible literal take on the theme of mental health, here are a selection of music videos with similar themes present:
Vedera - The Falling Kind
Chevelle - Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)
Cruiserweight - Yellow Lights
Ashlee Simpson - Out Of My Head (Ay Ya Ya)
Green Day - Basket Case

Stay tuned for more details!

Saturday, 17 May 2008

New Album To Be Called...

One word... mythical creature... also a City in the US. Need more clues?

There we go... got it now? Confirmed by Zebrahead's Official MySpace profile (see the tagline)!

Expect an album cover to have a theme of flight/fire as oppose to a satellite image of Arizona though.

South America Record Deal

According to their MySpace, it would seem Zebrahead now has a record deal with EMI for South America. Expect the label to distribute the new album around or shortly after the album hits Japan/US/Europe! And don't be too surprised to see a South America tour pop up in the not too distant future!

Current list of record deals is now the following:
Sony (Japan)
SPV (UK + Europe)
Icon Mes (USA)
EMI (South America)
Universal/Fontana North (Canada)

Newcastle - Sold Out!

Congratulations to Zebrahead on having Newcastle be the first date to sell out on the upcoming UK tour! That's right the Newcastle Academy 2 show on May 27th is now officially listed as being sold out on the Newcastle Carling Academy website. Expect a few more shows to do the same!

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Matty To Write For INROCK

Zebrahead's Official Japanese Site has revealed that starting from the 15th May issue onwards, Matty will be writing a short monthly column for INROCK Magazine. The first of which is said to be all about the recording process of the new album.

There is no word on if all the monthly columns have been pre-written already (therefore each one focusing on different stages of the recording of the new album) or if they will feature upoming events as well (e.g. UK tour) and therefore actually be written by Matty each month shortly before the magazine goes to press.

Either way some cool news there, hopefully expect some scans in the future if I can get my hands on a copy!

Monday, 12 May 2008

Greg & Lemmy Unite For Guitar Hero!

Greg recently teamed up with Lemmy from Motorhead and Joel Jewett, President of Neversoft to act as a judge on the Guitar Hero "Release Your Rockstar" competition. The competition which runs until June 13th allows people (over 16) to submit videos of themselves either playing Guitar Hero or carrying out an air guitar performance and in an 'American Idol' type fashion, each contestant would be judged by the three judges.

The grand prize (which has now closed) allowed the winner to be flown to Los Angeles to undergo a special motion capture session and have themselves immortalised as a character in the next Guitar Hero game! Two runners up (prize still open), will get the chance to hang out with Irish rockers, The Answer, during a recording session for their upcoming album. Other entrants will have the chance to win other prizes, such as Addict clothing, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock video games and an Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.

Check out two videos below, both featuring Greg as a judge for the competition.

Montage of the best and worst entrants (Greg at 00:35):

Judges checking some clips:

For more information on the competition and to check for regularly updated clips head on over to the Official Release Your Rockstar Competition Website.

We Sherwood Like You To Support...

*groan at terrible gag*

If Sherwood's MySpace is anything to go by then it would appear as though they are indeed Official support for Zebrahead's upcoming UK tour from June 2nd in Cardiff right up until June 12th in Peterborough.

Sherwood are an indie/pop/rock band from California and if you're new to them I'd recommend checking out their MySpace for music samples, music videos, tour diarys and other cool media. Watch this space for any additional support band news on the new tour. Not long now!

Saturday, 10 May 2008

It's All Happening On MySpace...

As if the recent update of adding "Anthem (Horn Version)" to their MySpace wasn't enough, Zebrahead have now added a new promo picture and several flyer pics for the forthcoming UK tour. Check out their new default picture below:
Smokin! And furthermore a new blog entry on the profile gives detail on how to download two free Zebrahead songs:
Hey Guys. Since we are in such a good mood about finishing the album!!!! Please visit this website and download Anthem w/ Horns played by Reel Big Fish and Godzilla Vs. Tokyo for FREE!!...Yes FREE!!! These two songs weren't ever really available anywhere so we figured you guys should have them. All you have to do is sign up for the email mailing list at the page and they are yours for free!!! New album comes out later this summer!!!!.......Spread the word!

So if you've yet to obtain those songs, or yet to sign up for e-mail updates... what are you waiting for?!?

Friday, 9 May 2008

Publicity FTW!

From this week's Kerrang! Magazine Issue 1029 (click picture for larger image):

Well what do you know? Right next to the big ass GIAN advert, which will surely get everyone's attention! Here's hoping it helps spread the word on Zebrahead's UK tour. Big thanks to Alex (Techy!) for the heads up!

Can I See Some ID?

Just a quick heads up to anyone in the UK worried about any age restrictions on the upcoming UK tour. Zebrahead's Official MySpace Profile now lists all age requirements for each individual gig. Most dates are 14+ with some "under 16s must be accompanied by an adult" rules, however some shows have a 16+ limit and the two shows in Belfast and Bristol are 18+!

Now With Added Horns!

Zebrahead have literally just updated their Official MySpace Profile with the "new" song "Anthem featuring RBF Horns" a.k.a "Anthem (Horn Version)"! This version features the horns of Scott and Dan from Reel Big Fish, and was rumoured to have been on the infamous Fanclub CD that never was! You can download your own copy of this awesome version of "Anthem" right now simply by right clicking on THIS LINK and going to "Save Target/Link As...".


Monday, 5 May 2008

Summer Sonic Stage Details

Details are now confirmed by the Official Summer Sonic 08 Website, that Zebrahead will be playing on the Marine Stage on the 9th August in Tokyo and the 10th August in Osaka.

The band will be sharing the stage with The Verve, The Prodigy, Panic At The Disco, The Subways, OneRepublic, Joe Lean And The King Jang Jong & Los Campesinos! Quite the varied line-up to say the least!

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Luck Of The Irish!

Just a quick heads up here. Zebrahead have changed the venue for their May 31st Dublin show. Instead of being at The Hub, the show will now take place at Whalens. This change came about to ensure Zebrahead could play an all ages show, as the show at The Hub would have been an 18+ show. So good news for all Irish Zebrahead fans under 18 around Dublin!

Please note however that the show at Whalens is a matinee show and will start at 1:30pm! So get there early!

Friday, 2 May 2008

Additional UK Dates!

Three additional dates have been added to the upcoming UK tour! They are as follows:

May 29th - Moshulu - Aberdeen, UK
June 3rd - The Cabin - Exeter, UK
June 5th - Barfly - Brighton, UK

This means the COMPLETE set of dates for this tour is now as follows:

May 25th - Slam Dunk Festival Ska/Punk Stage - Leeds, UK
May 26th - Manchester Academy 3 - Manchester, UK
May 27th - Carling Academy 2 - Newcastle, UK
May 28th - Cathouse - Glasgow, UK
May 29th - Moshulu - Aberdeen, UK
May 30th - Limelight - Belfast
May 31st - The Hub - Dublin
June 1st - Central Station - Wrexham, UK
June 2nd - Clwb Ifor Bach - Cardiff, UK
June 3rd - The Cabin - Exeter, UK
June 4th - The Fleece - Bristol, UK
June 5th - Barfly - Brighton, UK
June 6th - Forum - Tunbridge Wells, UK
June 7th - Furnace - Swindon, UK
June 9th - Brook - Southampton, UK
June 10th - Underworld - London, UK
June 11th - Roadmender - Northampton, UK
June 12th - Met Lounge - Peterborough, UK
June 13th - Download Festival - Donnington, UK
June 14th - Greenfield Festival - Switzerland

Expect some decent coverage of this upcoming tour right here on PFH!