Thursday, 25 October 2007

Broadcast the this Fucking DVD isn't real

it's a lie

so i recently saw a signed POTY poster on ebay and i thought 'fuck yea'. i also saw it had 2 or 3 more days on it so i just put it in my watched items. i was going to ask a question on how to get it sent framed when i saw there were two questions already asked about it. the first one was asking if it could be sent to australia, the second to the uk. the seller responded saying if he knew someone in the us, they could bid, send and shit.

i then bid, i won, and i emailed the seller telling me i knew the two people asking about it

i thought it was funny :D

Tour info

Hey guys as you know there are only 2 more shows for the Get happy tour
Then (hopefully) A tour here will start as with the thought that they where
gonna do two before the cd relese get happy and maybe an American tour
and also in addtion with the new cd that there working on the proclamed
Brodcast this fucking DVD will come out this year as for the CD i'm not
relly shure but maybe late this year or early to mid next year

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Zebrahead Show Review - Get Happy Tour, Bournemouth BIC 21/10/07

A great show from Zebrahead, as usual. Full of energy and really great sounding. The set list was as follows (as far as I can remember):

Rescue Me
Postcards From Hell
Heres to You
Jag Off
Hello Tomorrow
Playmate of the Year
The Set-Up

Some highlights of the show:
-Someone chucked a male thong on stage and Greg put it on over his shorts.
-Ali told everyone to throw their glowsticks at them on stage, the lights went out and everyone did (this seems to be happening at a few of the recent shows), looked awesome.
-Ben gave his masterbation speech again.

All in all a great show, best band of the night of course!

I recorded a video of 'Heres to You' as its rarely played live, its from my phone, the video is pretty shitty but sound isnt bad! Enjoy

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Exclusive Download: His World (Definitive Version)

Wahey! In the first of potentially many exclusive media downloads, PFH is happy to offer you the rare unreleased "His World (Definitive Version)" audio clip.

How is this any different from the versions of "His World" you already have? Well before the initial Matty and Ali clip was released to the masses via the Sonic game's official website, a Sonic trailer was shown at E3 (big annual videogaming event for those not in the know) in which a guitar driven instrumental version of "His World" was present, composed by none other than Jun Senoue (one half of Crush 40). Anyway this version combines this instrumental track with the original Matty and Ali vocals, which makes one hell of a combination!

You can stream the track here and directly download by clicking here.

Keep checking back, as more exclusive media will be added from time to time.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Early Newcastle Get Happy Impressions

The first batch of feedback, namely in the form of MySpace comments has begun to appear on both Zebrahead's profile and that of the Get Happy Tour. Once again Zebrahead seem to have successfully converted a number of people into fans, many of whom had never heard of the band before (good going guys!), and have stayed loyal to fans by carrying out the promised meet and greets as well as hanging around with the queues.

Ben recently made a comment on the band's official site in which he states:

"Hey Guys. Newcastle was amazing last.... so thank you! We have been having trouble receiving the emails of names for the meet and greets, so to make sure everything is OK...please wear your fan club shirt! And if there is a screw up...we are very dumb and apologize....we are trying but I guess we are dumb and dumber!!!...mfzb"

So if you're attending a show and expecting a meet and greet, it might be a good idea to wear your fan club shirt! No kind of media or information on Zebrahead's setlist or length of set has been made apparent yet, but details will be available soon. As I mentioned earlier on, I shall be attending Nottingham tomorrow and if I can I will try to do some updating from the road, otherwise expect a full report by Friday. To anyone attending the upcoming shows, have an awesome time!

Zebrahead On Wii?

Don't get your hopes up... this isn't the announcement of "Fast Food Tycoon 3: Ed's Taco Adventures"... no instead I'm talking about the use of the love it/hate it "His World" (Matty/Ali version) song in the future Nintendo Wii release "Super Smash Bros. Brawl". With the recent announcement that Sonic The Hedgehog will be joining Mario and co. in the free-for-all brawl (see video below), the possibility of Zebrahead's music being featured in the game is opened up.

As you can hear above Crush 40's "Live And Learn" the main theme from Sonic Adventure 2 is used in the teaser trailer, hinting at its inclusion in the Wii title. For those of you who aren't in the know, Crush 40 are the band that up until Sonic's recent outing "Sonic The Hedgehog" for Xbox 360 and PS3, did all the main game theme music for all the Sonic games since the Dreamcast era. While I admit I don't have much to go on here, the hint of Crush 40's music, from another Sonic game being included certainly suggests that SEGA may include the Matty and Ali version of "His World" in the game too!

So what does this mean for current Zebrahead fans...? Well not an awful lot I guess, except not only is it cool to know that a Zebrahead song could be featured for the first time on a Nintendo Wii game (and hence their songs being present in at least one game for every current console), but also it is worth considering that due to the extreme popularity of this unreleased title, awareness of Zebrahead could end up being raised to a whole new level. Anyone who was a fan of the band before their big break with "His World" will be able to tell you just how much awareness was made from the theme's inclusion. Smash Bros. could be a major turning point for the band. However as I said, at this point in time it is all speculation. We shall have to wait and see... along with seeing if Zebrahead end up participating to the music in the next Sonic platform game as well. Here's hoping!

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

New Zebrahead DVD Update!

You may already be aware that on the previous UK/European tour, the opening show held in Munich on the 14th of April 2007 was recorded by State-TV for an upcoming DVD. The captured footage is well into the post-production stage now, and a clip of Zebrahead performing "In My Room" can be seen below:

The DVD has recently been given the title "Broadcast This FUCKING DVD" when being referred to by the band, however whether or not this is the final title will remain to be seen. For a start, State-TV have recently updated their site including the DVD's artwork (see below) in which the DVD appears to have the title of "Zebrahead: Hit You At Backstage Munich" which raises more questions on the official name. I'm sure the title among with other details (extras anyone?) will be confirmed soon.

Be on the look out for a new wallpaper desktop provided by State-TV based on the DVD's artwork! I don't know about anyone else, but I'm very confident that this DVD will actually see the light of day. While some fans may be hesitant to get their hopes up (Party Time anyone?), I think it's safe to say that due to the quality of Zebrahead's performance and effort the guys at State-TV have gone to, it would be highly unlikely that nothing will come of this. We should only start getting worried if the DVD gets given numerous release dates, to which none are met! ;-). Stay tuned for more details as I get them!

Time To Get Happy!

The first of 10 UK Get Happy shows gets underway tonight in Newcastle. Without a doubt this will mean there will be numerous videos, pictures, news (direct from the band!) and reviews starting to crop up.

To make your life as a Zebrahead fan that little bit easier, I will do my best to collect together the various media and present it to you right here on Postcards From Hell. I, myself, will be attending the Nottingham, London (maybe) and Manchester shows, so will be able to give direct feedback of what went down, hopefully with lots of pictures and videos too! I'm also planning to get mobile bloging sorted out so I can update directly from the road using my phone. While any pictures from that might not be the best quality... you at least be safe in the knowledge that you are receiving updates when and as they happen.

So if you're lucky enough to be attending a show then have a great time. Expect many updates from this tour, which is certainly enough to make you Get Happy!

You can catch Zebrahead along with Army Of Freshmen, The Bloodhound Gang and Bowling For Soup on the following dates:

16th - Newcastle Academy, Newcastle,
17th - Academy, Glasgow,
18th - Rock City, Nottingham,
19th - Oasis Leaisure Center, Swindon,
20th - Brighton Center, Brighton,
21st - Solent Hall, Bournemouth,
22nd - Brixton Academy, London,
23rd - Wolverhampton Civic Hall, Wolverhampton,
24th - Manchester Apollo, Manchester,
25th - Newport Centre, Newport,
26th - Plymouth Pavilion, Plymouth,

Zebrahead & J.Lo Doing It Well

This is, as far as I know, the only Zebrahead mash-up in existence. For those of you unfamiliar to the term, a 'mash-up' is a remix of sorts in which two songs are sampled together to create a new version of the said songs. Well last week, due to probably too much time on my hands I created a mash-up of Zebrahead's "Anthem" and Jennifer "J.Lo" Lopez's "Do It Well". Quite possibly the most random combination I could have picked? You bet. The mix is oh so cleverly titled "Do It Well (Anthem Mash-Up)" (lots of thought went into that name!) and has been live on YouTube for a week now and has around 3000 hits, which is pretty impressive considering my other videos take several months to reach those kind of numbers. For anyone who's interested in the technical stuff, I took an acapella version of "Do It Well" and changed the tempo to 90% before overlaying and cutting appropriately to get the timing to fit with the underlying "Anthem" instrumental track.

Anyway less blabbing, more viewing I say. You can check out the said remix below. Feel free to leave feedback, I'm always grateful for that. I'd also like to hear of any ideas for future mash-ups, or perhaps you've been inspired to create your own? Let me know!

Monday, 15 October 2007

Mother Fuckin' Zebrahead Blog!

Hey there! You've reached Postcards From Hell - a new Zebrahead blog aiming to bring you up-to-date Zebrahead content! Whether it be news, pictures, videos, interviews, audio... or... well anything remotely Zebrahead related actually! Postcards From Hell (PFH) will certainly be the place you'll find out about it.

The idea of starting up a Zebrahead blog is certainly not a new one to me, however in the past I've always found myself torn between the choice of creating one, or rather sticking it out with the official site, message board and band's MySpace. It's only with the UK Get Happy Tour (which is just over 24 hours away now) that I found myself finally going ahead with this. Perhaps it has something to do with preparing for hopefully an explosion of upcoming Zebrahead related content? Any Zebrahead fan can tell you how updates have been lacking over recent months, with the band undergoing a 'quiet' period to write/record songs for a new album, and just generally hang out. Either way, Postcards From Hell is born!

So where will this blog go exactly? That's certainly a good question and hopefully one I'll know the answer to soon enough. The next few days at least will be spent tweaking layouts, themes and posting some slightly older content that to any non members may be new. Talking of I'd highly recommend signing up to the boards. There are (some) great die-hard Zebrahead fans on there and if you share a love for Zebrahead then you'll fit right in! I'm dataDyneDaz on there just as an FYI. Would be great to see some more people on there.

Right then. that would be it for the obligatory introductory entry... perhaps I'll see you in a future entry?