Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Zebrahead Show Review - Get Happy Tour, Bournemouth BIC 21/10/07

A great show from Zebrahead, as usual. Full of energy and really great sounding. The set list was as follows (as far as I can remember):

Rescue Me
Postcards From Hell
Heres to You
Jag Off
Hello Tomorrow
Playmate of the Year
The Set-Up

Some highlights of the show:
-Someone chucked a male thong on stage and Greg put it on over his shorts.
-Ali told everyone to throw their glowsticks at them on stage, the lights went out and everyone did (this seems to be happening at a few of the recent shows), looked awesome.
-Ben gave his masterbation speech again.

All in all a great show, best band of the night of course!

I recorded a video of 'Heres to You' as its rarely played live, its from my phone, the video is pretty shitty but sound isnt bad! Enjoy

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