Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Christmas Feature On MySpace Japan!

Zebrahead's homemade music video for 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' is currently featured on the front page of MySpace Japan! You can see a screenshot of the feature below by clicking the image:

How awesome it that?!

Thursday, 17 December 2009

All I Want For Christmas Is A Homemade Music Video

Zebrahead's Ben has created a very festive music video for the band's take on the Mariah Carey classic 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'. A live performance incorporated version is up on YouTube and a version on MySpace shows purely the Zebrahead elf clip. Check both out below:

Performance And Elf Version:

Elf-Only Version:

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

One-Off USA Show Announced!

What a great way to draw a close to 2009! Zebrahead are set to play a one-off show at Anaheim's House Of Blues, on December 27th with MC Lars! This is the first time in a while that the band has played a home show, so I'd encourage any fans from the surrounding area to check it out. You can buy tickets online direct from the venue here. Expect some Christmas songs to wind their way into the setlist.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

NHK TV Performance!

While touring in Japan, Zebrahead also got the chance to pop into NHK TV to perform some songs to promote the new album. The performance was aired today in Japan, and while no footage is currently available online, you can check out a still from the show below:

It appears Ali and Matty are still getting some use from their 'Girlfriend' costumes! Thanks to Yuuki for the screenshot! Here's hoping the full performance gets uploaded to YouTube in the not too distant future!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

ZH Shoes!

Not even kidding! Over at Loud Clothing, they are selling exclusive Zebrahead shoes! There are 3 to choose from.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Panty Raid Available On iTunes!

As well as being available to buy a copy directly from the band themselves, you can now purchase your own digital copy of Zebrahead's new cover album 'Panty Raid' worldwide from iTunes! So if you're still waiting to pick it up, why not treat yourself (or a friend) to an early Christmas present!

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Punkspring 2010 Confirmation!

Just a short tidbit of news here - it seems according to Zebrahead's twitter, that the band has now been confirmed to play Japan's Punkspring festival next year in April! Expect more details nearer the time!

Friday, 27 November 2009

Tour Posters!

I'm not sure if they'll ever have another photoshoot...but hey, here's some posters for new tour dates.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Featured on AP again & Debut Spot!

That's like as popular as Miley Cyrus in America! BTTW and Phoenix were #9. It's great that they get so much love over there. I wonder how it'd be if Disney owned them like Miley... also finally posted more info about ZH. Hopefully people will buy the album then ZH can see how much the US likes them and humors us with a tour...maybe.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Want to get Panty Raid early? If you don't tell Japan, you can buy the album NOW! It won't be shipped for awhile...but again, don't tell Japan. She mustn't be hurt! Not again...

There are 3 sweet deals for you! 1 CD will cost you $10 and you'll get it early! But it's a better deal to buy 2 CDs! And what's better than having 2? That's right, 3 CDs! Having an extra copy to convert a friend is great! It's like being mormon...but you know, fun!

Thursday, 5 November 2009

New Myspace!

With the new album out/on it's way, it was high time that they updated their myspace! With plenty of extras that hopefully you'll care about! Have some Zebrahead banners you can post places, links to the iTunes store (where Broadcast to the World and Phoenix are back on the iTune catalog) and an exclusive wallpaper for the upcoming album! It's also just a great way to keep up to date on Zebrahead news. Even a banner for Postcards From Hell! (This site) So go check out the new Myspace, leave a comment, grab the banners, do something!

Speaking of this new album, if you haven't already bought it you can buy it from HMV. There are also 45 second clips of every song for you to preview in case you aren't completely convinced that Zebrahead can make a quality cover album.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Happy Panty Raid Day!

Monday, 26 October 2009

509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

Callam also noticed that the Zebrahead site has exceeded it's bandwidth limit. That means alot of people are going to it right?

Girlfriend Art

Callam found this piece and posted it on the boards.
Found this on avril's girlfriend wikipedia page....there's a zebrahead section, with this, on the page now
Anyone here found the artwork? And where?

Tuesday, 20 October 2009 Won't Accept ZH News [UPDATE]

Everytime there is new news, I report it to so spread the love of ZH. They never once have put up ZH news after my many attempts. has finally decided to post some ZH news after Darren and I have been harassing them for a long time now. Read the article with a bitch title on it where commenters say "they are still a band?".

Zebrahead Take Us Back

"Girlfriend" Video is Up!

Just when you thought your favorite band couldn't get better.

Saturday, 17 October 2009 Panty Raid Edition!

Check out the brand new look for courtesy of Mr. Colin Stein! If you're a regular user on the boards go let him know how much you like it! If you're not yet registered then what are you waiting for?! Get chatting with Zebrahead fans now!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Zebrahead 2010 UK Dates!

The 'Party In Your Pants' tour hasn't even gone underway yet but SeeTickets have already announced when Zebrahead will next be over in the UK! Check out the March/April 2010 UK dates below:

BIRMINGHAM, O2 Academy2 on Tuesday 23 March 2010
NORTHAMPTON, Roadmender on Thursday 25 March 2010
MANCHESTER, University on Friday 26 March 2010
NEWCASTLE, O2 Academy2 on Saturday 27 March 2010
NOTTINGHAM, Rock City - Over 14's Only on Sunday 28 March 2010
LONDON, O2 Academy Islington on Wednesday 31 March 2010
SOUTHAMPTON, Brook on Thursday 01 April 2010

Tickets for these headlining shows go on sale from 9am GMT tomorrow (16th Oct) right here.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Hear 'Girlfriend' In Full On The New Official Site

Zebrahead's Official Site has had a bit of a makeover to match the forthcoming 'Panty Raid' covers album artwork! Ben has written a short update detailing the new theme:
Hey Guys and Gals. Hope you guys like the new layout of the site. Easy to see it reflects the art on the "Panty Raid" covers album. Seeing some underwear?..and they are girls underwear! This is because it is a covers album of all female fronted songs. Hope you will think it is as fun as we have! Already writing songs for a new album and stoked. What a great bonus this covers album a time when there is normally nothing going on ....we throw a curve ball and suprise you with some FUN!

But probably more exciting for you is that is you head on over to the Audio Page of the site you can listen to the first single 'Girlfriend' in full! Let us know what you think!

EDIT: 'Girlfriend' can now also be heard on the band's Official MySpace as well!

Friday, 18 September 2009

Japan Panty Raid Tour!

Zebrahead have announced four brand new Japanese dates as part of their upcoming Japan Panty Raid Tour taking place this December with support from none other than MXPX! The dates are as follows:

December 4th - Tokyo, Japan - Studio Coast
December 6th - Yokohama, Japan - Bay Hall
December 7th - Nagoya, Japan - Club Diamond Hall
December 8th - Osaka, Japan - Namba Hatch

More information can be found over at Creativeman.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Two Panty Raid Music Videos Shot!

Zebrahead have spent the past two days shooting not one but two music videos for their upcoming 'Panty Raid' album. The first single and music video to be lifted from the album is 'Girlfriend' and as the pictures would suggest, it seems to be a parody of the original Avril Lavigne video. The last two pictures seem to be for the second music video which as of yet has not had the track confirmed, but stay tuned for more details! You can check out some of the pictures Ed has uploaded from the shoots below:

Area4 Festival Video

You may recall us blogging about Zebrahead's Area4 Festival performance being broadcast on German TV not too long ago. Well luckily a fellow fan has recorded the footage so everyone is able to see the guys rocking out on stage. You can see the 20 minutes video (in two parts) that was broadcast on WDR (Rockpalast) below:

Friday, 11 September 2009

Panty Raid... As Explained By Ali

Ali gives the low-down on Panty Raid via JoggleBug. Listen to him below:

Monday, 7 September 2009

Summer 2009 UK & Europe Tour Video

A cool tour video documenting the band's time in the UK and Europe this past summer has been added to their YouTube channel! Check it out below:

Check out more tour highlights in the form of pictures that were recently added to Zebrahead's MySpace.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Panty Raid Details Announced!

Well guys here is some information you've been waiting to hear regarding Zebrahead's upcoming album 'Panty Raid'! Sony Japan's Official Site has been updated with not only information on what exactly 'Panty Raid' is, but also the date it will be released!

It has been revealed that this album will be strictly a female artists cover album (hence the name!) and furthermore 'Panty Raid' is set to drop in Japan this November 4th. Even more exciting though, is that right now you can listen to a short clip of the first single to be lifted from the album - 'Girlfriend'. This is of course a cover of Avril Lavigne's 2007 smash hit. It looks like the picture shown below is also set to be the album's cover art. Check it out:

EDIT: The full tracklist has been revealed! You can check it out below courtesy of PUNKS

01.Survivor (Destiny's Child)
02. Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Cyndi Lauper)
03. Underneath It All (No Doubt)
04. Trouble (Shampoo)
05. London Bridge (Fergie)
06. Beautiful (Christina Aguilera)
07. Girlfriend (Avril Lavigne)
08. Sweet Escape (Gwen Stefani)
09. (Introduction)
10. Jenny From The Block (Jennifer Lopez)
11. Rehab (Amy Winehouse)
12. Spice Up Your Life (Spice Girls)
13. Introduction
14. Oops!... I Did It Again (Britney Spears)
15. Get The Party Started (P!NK)
16. Mickey (Toni Basil)
17. All I Want For Christmas Is You (Mariah Carey) [Japan Bonus Track]
And there you have it!

Area4 Festival Broadcast

Zebrahead's appearance at the recent Area4 festival in Germany is to be broadcast on German TV this September 14th. Tune into WDR (Rockpalast) channel between 0:15 and 2:45 to see the likes of Zebrahead, Faith No More and AFI on the stage.

Zebrahead's complete set for the festival was as follows, no word on how much will be shown on the TV programme:
00. Intro
01. Rescue Me
02. Postcards From Hell
03. Jag Off
04. Hello Tomorrow
05. Playmate Of The Year
06. HMP
07. Anthem
08. The Setup

You can check out a little intro video Matty and Ali filmed for the channel below:

Unsere Videos können Sie mit dem Flash-Player ab der Version 8.0 ansehen. Den neuesten Flash-Player können Sie beim Hersteller Adobe unter folgender Adresse kostenlos downloaden:

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Might Just Happen Anyway!

Hart Brake Kid have uploaded a new song on their MySpace profile entitled 'Might Just Happen Anyway'. This song just so happens to have been co-produced by none other than Matty Lewis himself! That's right check out the tidbit of info below from the band's MySpace blog:
"OK!!!!! ITS TIME!!

Our new song "MIGHT JUST HAPPEN ANYWAY" is now up and ready for you to rock!!!

This is one of many new songs that were co produced by Matty Lewis of ZEBRAHEAD, and we couldnt be more excited!!"
Click here to listen to the song!

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Two Headline UK Shows Announced!

Two new headline shows have been added for the UK in October according to Zebrahead's twitter account! Newport TJ's on the 30th of October and Milton Keynes - Crauford Arms on the 19th of October! This means the current October UK schedule is as follows:

October 17th - Glasgow, UK - 02 Academy*
October 18th - Newcastle, UK - 02 Academy*
October 19th - Milton Keynes - Crauford Arms - Headline Show
October 20th - Cambridge, UK - Corn Exchange*
October 21st - Margate, UK - Winter Gardens*
October 22nd - Birmingham, UK - 02 Academy*
October 23rd - Sheffield, UK - 02 Academy*
October 24th - Leicester, UK - De Montford Hall*
October 25th - Manchester, UK - Academy 1*
October 26th - Exceter - Exceter, UK - University Great Hall*
October 28th - Bournemouth, UK - Opera House*
October 29th - London, UK - Roundhouse*
October 30th - Newport, UK - TJ's - Headline Show

* W/Bowling For Soup as part of the 'Party In Your Pants' tour.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Photographs Music Video

Zebrahead have just recently uploaded a fanmade music video for their song 'Photographs' onto YouTube! This video was made by none other than yours truly, so I welcome any kind of feedback on it! If you haven't got the song yet then head over to your online music store of choice as 'Photographs' is available for digital purchase as part of the "Not The New Album EP".

Check out the video in full below!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Kerrang! Review & Ali's First Gig!

The latest issue of Kerrang! Magazine has a short Sonisphere review in which the guys were awarded an awesome score of KKKK (4/5), Ali also gets reminiscent and tells the readers about his very first gig! Check out the scans below!

Los Angeles Forum 1990
"Axl was a complete asshole - he made us wait a really long time before he would come out. Sebastian Back was also very cocky and arrogant. I mean they were just these huge rockstars being big dickheads! Despite that, I wound up really enjoying the show. It was full of wasted people and was just total spectacle from start to finish, which is pretty awesome to witness. I'm also pleased that I got to see Guns N'Roses before Axl Rose lost his mind completely"
-Ali Tabatabaee, Zebrahead
Thanks to's Scott and Matias for the scans!

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Peterborough & Nottingham Gig Pictures

Check out a large collection of Zebrahead gig pictures from the recent Peterborough (3rd Aug) and Nottingham (4th Aug) UK shows below:

Peterborough, UK - 3rd August 2009
Nottingham, UK - 4th August 2009

Got any Zebrahead pictures or videos from recent shows? Why not drop us a line and we'll feature them for you!

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Amplified_TV UK Gig Video Review's very own KelsiBuck has uploaded an awesome Zebrahead Swindon and Portsmouth video review as part of Amplified_TV. Fantastic video! Check it out in full below!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Surfing? Hell Yeah!

Surfline have used Zebrahead's 'Hell Yeah!' as the music for their 'Super Sessions in Tahiti' surf video! Check it out right here.

Thanks to's The Lurkness for finding this!

Monday, 3 August 2009

Sonisphere Video Interview

PiledriveWrestling recently managed to interview Ali and Matty on their tourbus while at the Sonisphere Festival in the UK on August 2nd. You can check it out below!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

First Russian Fansite

A very cool Russian Zebrahead Fansite has recently launched and is well worth checking out even if you aren't too great at the language! Looking for more Zebrahead links? Why not have a browse of the many sites linked on the right hand side column (scroll down a bit!).

Good job on the site guys!

Party In Your Pants Sampler

Available for download when you buy a ticket for the UK tour this October the 'Party In Your Pants' sampler contains 3 Zebrahead tracks taken from 'Phoenix'. Quite a cool way to get fans of the other touring bands to experience Zebrahead. The full tracklisting for this sampler is as follows:

1. Bowling For Soup - My Wena
2. Bowling For Soup - I'll Always Remember You That Way
3. Bowling For Soup - Goodbye Friend
4. Zebrahead - Hell Yeah!
5. Zebrahead - Just The Tip
6. Zebrahead - Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right But Three Lefts Make A Right

7. The Leftovers - Dance With Me
8. The Leftovers - Can't Stop
9. The Leftovers - Untouchable

For all the latest developments for the "Party In Your Pants" October UK tour, keep an eye on the Official Tour Twitter Page.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

October UK Dates Unveiled!

Zebrahead's October UK touring plans have finally come to light! You may remember some headline UK dates were accidently revealed by label SPV who soon withdrew them. It's now apparent that rather than heading out on their own headline tour, instead the band will be hitting the road with Bowling For Soup at a number of larger venues across the country. Check out the schedule below:

Bowling For Soup + Zebrahead + The Leftovers.

17/10 Glasgow 02 Academy
18/10 Newcastle 02 Academy
20/10 Cambridge Corn Exchange
21/10 Margate Winter Gardens
22/10 Birmingham 02 Academy
23/10 Sheffield 02 Academy
24/10 Leicester De Montford Hall
25/10 Manchester Academy 1
26/10 Exceter Great Hall
28/10 Bournemouth Opera House
29/10 London Roundhouse

You can order tickets for all these shows right here.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

HD Summer Sonic 08 Videos

Check out Zebrahead's awesome performances of "Mental Health" and "Playmate Of The Year" from last year's Sumemr Sonic 08 festival in Japan

Thanks to Masuhiro of for finding these!

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Headline Shows Added For Summer!

Zebrahead have announced 6 new headline shows, literally taking place days after the band has played the UK's Sonisphere Festival this August. 2 of the shows will take place in the UK, with the 3rd being in Austria and the 4th being in the Czech Republic! See below for the four new additions!

August 3rd - Met Lounge - Peterborough, England
August 4th - Rock City Basement - Nottingham, England
August 5th - Wedgewood Rooms - Portsmouth, England
August 6th - Furnace - Swindon, England
August 12th - B72 - Vienna, Austria
August 13th - Modra Vopice - Prague Punk Fest - Prague, Czech Republic

Thanks to's Scott for the heads up on the above image! Keep checking back for any additions to the Summer tour.

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Cover Of The Month: usfgeek - Anthem

This month's COTM winner is usfgeek who has done an awesome drum cover of "Anthem"! The video below shows of his skills which may even give Ed a run for his money! As always we'll be searching the highs and lows of YouTube to find a winner for next month, so feel free to hook us up with a video link if your in a band or have done a solo cover. And with that said, enjoy this month's winner:

Saturday, 30 May 2009

European Festivals & October UK Tour Dates!

UPDATE: According to some sources the UK tour dates could be changing so bear that in mind, and expect any confirmed changes to be announced right here!

SPV's official website has finally unveiled all the of upcoming Zebrahead dates for the next few months, starting with some festivals in Europe and UK this August and ending with a UK tour in October. You can check out the full list of dates below:

2 Aug 2009 - Knebworth, UK @ Sonisphere Festival
8 Aug 2009 - Eschwege, Germany @ Open Flair Festival
9 Aug 2009 - Rothenburg, Germany @ Taubertal Festival
14 Aug 2009 - Horb, Germany @ Mini Rock Festival
15 Aug 2009 - Püttlingen, Germany - Köllerbach @ Rocco Del Schlacko Festival
20 Aug 2009 - Hasselt, Belgium @ Pukklepop Festival
21 Aug 2009 - Lüdinghausen, Germany @ Area 4 Festival
22 Aug 2009 - Lierop, Netherlands @ Nirwana Tuinfeest Festival
23 Aug 2009 - Erfurt, Germany - Hohenfelden @ Highfield Festival
28 Aug 2009 - Wirges, Germany @ spAck! Festival

2 Oct 2009 - Oxford, UK @ Academy 2
3 Oct 2009 - Swindon, UK @ Furnace
4 Oct 2009 - Birmingham, UK @ Academy 2
5 Oct 2009 - Stoke, UK @ Sugarmill
6 Oct 2009 - Norwich, UK @ Waterfront UEA
8 Oct 2009 - Northampton, UK @ Roadmender
9 Oct 2009 - Newcastle, UK @ Academy 2
10 Oct 2009 - Glasgow, UK @ Garage G2
11 Oct 2009 - Leeds, UK @ The Cockpit
12 Oct 2009 - Sheffield, UK @ Academy 2
13 Oct 2009 - Manchester, UK @ Academy 3
14 Oct 2009 - Newport, UK @ T.J´s
16 Oct 2009 - Islington, UK @ Islington Academy
17 Oct 2009 - Brighton, UK @ Concorde 2
18 Oct 2009 - Portsmouth, UK @ Wedgewood Rooms

And there you have it! If any more dates get added we'll be sure to let you know!

Monday, 20 April 2009

Zebrahead Gets Twitter!

Hurrah! You may be happy to learn that now there is another official Zebrahead site for you to know all the latest happenings direct from the band themselves - this time in the form of the Official Zebrahead Twitter Profile! For anyone not familiar with Twitter, it is essentially a microblogging site where short 140 character updates can be posted informing anyone following your feed, exactly what you are up to!

This will certainly be handy during studio time and touring, so keep an eye for any interesting tid-bits. PFH has added a twitter badge on the right hand side, just above the Mobile Stream so you can be in the know without even leaving this page!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Look At My New Credit Card

Nirwana Tuinfeest Confirmation!

Zebrahead are now confirmed to play the Netherlands this summer as part of the Nirwana Tuinfeest happening on August 22nd! This is the second European festival Zebrahead currently have lined up. Check back for more tour news as we get it!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Zebrahead To Play Spack!

Zebrahead have been added to the bill for this year's Spack Festival! Good news for all German fans, as the band are set to take the stage there on the 28th August 2009. Ben also hints on the band's MySpace blog that we should expect more really cool things this summer!"

So as always, stay tuned!

Friday, 3 April 2009

Zebrahead On Summer Sonic Poster!

While they may not be playing the monster festival this summer in Japan, Zebrahead are certainly still on the minds of the Summer Sonic organisers! The band can be seen mid-performance on the official Summer Sonic '09 lineup poster which can be seen here (scroll down!). Pretty neat!

Zebrahead still hold the impressive title of being the band to play Summer Sonic the most times, despite not making an appearance this year!

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Cover Of The Month: GoodBettrBest - Veils & Visions

Well it's that time again folks. You know it's been a slow month for Zebrahead news when the last COTM is just a few posts down from this one!

Anyway moving shiftly on, this month's winner is non other than's very own GoodBettrBest! The video below allows you to see his awesome guitar skills while covering Veils & Visions from the band's Waste Of MFZB CD. As always we'll be searching the highs and lows of YouTube to find a winner for next month, so feel free to hook us up with a video link if your in a band or have done a solo cover. And with that said, enjoy this month's winner:

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Panty Raid!

Zebrahead's forthcoming covers album has officially been named as 'Panty Raid'! Hmmm we have a feeling this title offers a big hint on what kind of songs will be featured (think about it!). Full tracklisting and other details should be announced soon. In the mean time check out the official announcement below, taken from the band's MySpace blog:
"Yes..the news section has been super super calm lately...that is about to change....big things coming up in the world of zebrahead....FIRST off...a new album of covers....(for those confused...covers are when you play other peoples would be suprised on how many people are confused by that!)....lots of them....This album will be titled PANTY RAID!

Lets play and lame and ridiculous game and make some guesses as to why it will be named that???..and maybe even some songs you think could be on it based on the album TITLE!!!...Next news blog will have the tracklisting for ya to see!!!....this is coming sooner than you think!!..Lets get this party started!


Saturday, 28 February 2009

Cover Of The Month: BlackStage - The Set-Up

This month's winner comes from Portuguese band BlackStage who have a number of live Zebrahead cover performances uploaded to YouTube, however we think their cover of 'The Set-Up' is probably their best! You can check it out below, it even includes the new ending to the song. Good job guys!

Think you can do better? Link us to you or your band and maybe you'll be featured next month!

Friday, 27 February 2009

Zebrahead Nominated For OC Award!

Congratulations to Zebrahead who have been nominated for Best Punk Act in this years OC Awards! The guys are up against Ignite, Sederra, TSOL and The Vandals. You can check out the full nominee press release, including the other categories right here.

Big thanks to Neil from for the heads up on this!

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

My Own Worst Enemy

Kevin Baldes, best known for playing with alternative band Lit managed to snap some awesome photos of the band last August when they played the House Of Blues, CA. You can check out all the photos on his Flickr page here!

Hockey Anyone?

So readers of this blog may already be aware that when not caught up with Zebrahead, Matty tends to enjoy playing baseball, well as it turns out his sporting activities don't just stop there. Matty enjoys playing a bit of Hockey on the side as well! Ben mentions a short story in a new MySpace blog:
So I forgot to post this a couple weeks ago....Matty plays Hockey at a League where he lives...and they have games where anyone can come in and play....a couple weeks ago Melvin from NOFX walked in to play...and ends up on the opposing team to Matty....and YES Melvin scored on Matty...end of story.....thought it was funny...apparently Melvin is really good...or does matty just suck at playing GOALIE???

Saturday, 31 January 2009

Cover Of The Month: Nice Price - Mental Health

It's a new year... so here's a new feature for PFH. Starting from now, on the last day of every month (assuming I remember) PFH will bring you our new feature 'Cover Of The Month'. Essentially we'll search the high and lows of YouTube for a Zebrahead cover that we feel earns the title (one way or another) of 'Cover Of The Month'.

January's 'winner' comes from Italian band Nice Price who did an acoustic cover of Mental Health. You can check it out below!

Bravo! Think you (or your band) can do a better Zebrahead cover? Link us and maybe you'll be featured next month!

Geki Rock Live Report

Japanese based Geki Rock have posted a 'Live Report' summing up the Nov 28th show on the recent Zebrahead/illScarlett Japanese tour.

You can check it out in full, including the setlist and more pictures, here and if you want a rough translation of the page then click here.

Cover Album In The Works...

Since completing their gigantic UK/European/Japanese tour things have quietened down considerably in the land of Zebrahead, however fear not! Everyone will be pleased to know that the guys are currently hard finishing up a Cover Song album!

As posted by Ben recently in a ReverbNation e-mail, he states that the guys "have been really busy.............tat tat ta da............working on a covers record...yes a covers record.....I will unfold more details soon...but it is almost done!!!.......we are excited...."

PFH can let you know the covers album has a particular theme but we'll leave that for an official announcement, as it really is worth the wait! We are possibly looking at a March/April release for this one but we'll bring you all the details as soon as they are confirmed!

More Pre-Zebrahead Malarky!

Chris DiCarlo, the former singer for late 90s La Habra based band 3-Ply has set up a MySpace music profile for the band, which I'm pretty sure some people may want to check out! 'Why?' I hear you ask. Well, before becoming the Zebrahead bassist we all know and love, our very own Ben Osmundson played bass in the aforementioned band (as well as occassionally singing!).

Head on over the 3-Ply MySpace Profile and you can listen to some of the old songs (check out LMD in particular) as well as see a few pictures of album/vinyl covers and so forth. Well who'd have thought it eh? Keep an eye on the profile as it's sure to grow once Chris digs out more stuff, and if you're still needing a pre-Zebrahead fix, then head on over to listen to Matty's old band Jank 1000.

Well I look forward to Ben sending me a threatening e-mail. Enjoy!

Move Over Charlie Brown...

If you've been wondering the reason why Ben has been taking numerous pictures around the world with a Snoopy stuffed toy (and haven't we all?), then you should thank Zebrahead German Support who decided to get to the bottom of the matter once and for all...

Click on the image below to read the full 'interview'.

Zebrahead On Guitar Hero: World Tour!... Kinda

While this is by no means an official additional of Zebrahead to the Guitar Hero franchise (though we all know it's long overdue), thanks to one of the awesome new features in Guitar Hero: World Tour, known as GH Tunes, you can now play along to a Zebrahead song! GH Tunes essentially lets users create their own songs for others to also download for free, and a very clever guy who goes by the name of "The Startled" has created Zebrahead's "Wake Me Up" which you can download for free.

If you have a copy of the game for the Nintendo Wii platform, then head on over to GH Tunes and you'll find the tune slowly clibming it's way up the Top 20 All Time Rated tunes!

Or if you simply want to hear what it's like then head on over to the GH Tunes website where you can stream it in your browser! Good job indeed! Can anyone else do better? Let us know!

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The Juggernauts Music Video

More hotties? Less Matty you say?

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Darren's VS Featured On

Paramore vs. Zebrahead

That's right! Good job Darren! Way to get ZH out to the fans!

Monday, 12 January 2009

UK Based Online Merch Stall

Taking a leaf out of New Found Glory's book, Zebrahead have set up a UK based merch site, allowing you to buy previous shirts and other merch from past tours at reduced prices! Click here to check it out.

You can read the following statement from the band below:

"We now have merch for sale at reduced prices at

prices start at £5

instead of having the shirts from the last tour of Europe and the UK sit and wait tell the next tour...we decided to put it up for people to buy at reduced cheap prices....After tours we will start putting things up there for is shipped from the UK so should be cheap for our friends over the pond.......but when it runs out runs out....this is only what remains!!!!!

Hope this makes you happy in pants!!!!go check it out


Japanese Press Schedule!

A new year brings more promo press for Zebrahead. The band will be appearing in the following magazines and tv programmes this month in Japan:

Jan 15th INROCK
January Issue of GRINDHOUSE

TV Programmes
Monday Jan 12th 22:55-23:25 MBS-TV "Music Edge"