Sunday, 20 September 2009

Hear 'Girlfriend' In Full On The New Official Site

Zebrahead's Official Site has had a bit of a makeover to match the forthcoming 'Panty Raid' covers album artwork! Ben has written a short update detailing the new theme:
Hey Guys and Gals. Hope you guys like the new layout of the site. Easy to see it reflects the art on the "Panty Raid" covers album. Seeing some underwear?..and they are girls underwear! This is because it is a covers album of all female fronted songs. Hope you will think it is as fun as we have! Already writing songs for a new album and stoked. What a great bonus this covers album a time when there is normally nothing going on ....we throw a curve ball and suprise you with some FUN!

But probably more exciting for you is that is you head on over to the Audio Page of the site you can listen to the first single 'Girlfriend' in full! Let us know what you think!

EDIT: 'Girlfriend' can now also be heard on the band's Official MySpace as well!


julio1 said...

this song is awesome...its so much better than the original song

Craig said...

love it, soooo good. can't wait to hear some more

Anonymous said...

so much better than Avril's version <3