Monday, 22 December 2008

Nottingham Rock City Soundcheck Videos!

Below are three videos taken from the soundcheck that took place on 22nd October 2008 at Nottingham's Rock City Basement. The band soundchecked three songs in total; Type A, HMP and The Juggernaughts which can be seen below for your viewing pleasure!

Type A:


The Juggernaughts:

Monday, 8 December 2008

The Juggernaughts Teaser Video

Head on over to Sony Japan's Official Zebrahead Site to see a short clip from the band's new music video for 'The Juggernaughts' - the third single to be lifted from 'Phoenix'. 'The Juggernaughts' was shot on location in California last September and features cameo appearances from Jason Freese among others! Expect the full version to be posted online soon!

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Japanese Phoenix Tour Pictures!

Sony Music Japan's Staff Blog has been updated with some nice shots from various shows on the recently completed Japanese segment of the Phoenix Tour. In total the entire Phoenix tour stretched nearly 2 months and payed visit to several different countries across the globe, making it one of the most ambitious tours to date! You can check out the pictures from Japan below:

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Zebrahead INROCK Feature!

Only in Japan are you able to flick through a music magazine to see Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Christina Aguilera before finally ending up on a page with Zebrahead!

Indeed, once again Zebrahead are featured in Japanese music magazine INROCK (Issue #300) making it just one of their many appearances this year. The band, as well as having a new photoshoot, were interviewed about life on the road and being away from home.

You can check out a sneak peak of the feature below (click to enlarge):

Monday, 17 November 2008

LiveTheScene Video Interview

Matty and Ali took part in a video interview for LiveTheScene in Newcastle, UK during the recent UK tour. You can check out the full thing below!

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Pierre's Simple Plan!

The lead singer of Simple Plan (better known as Pierre Bouvier) has been able to live out his lifelong dream of being a drummer thanks to the guys in Zebrahead! On several dates of the European tour (and what looks likely to continue throughout) Pierre has joined the guys on stage to switch from his normal singing duties and instead replace Ed to drum during the classic song "Wasted".

Simple Plan recently uploaded a YouTube video detailing the entire event. Check it out below!

Monday, 10 November 2008

Who Is Mike Dexter?

Ali explains all:

Monday, 3 November 2008

Hell Yeah! Music Video!

The moment most of you have been waiting for has finally arrived! Zebrahead's brand spanking new video for the second single to be lifted from Phoenix has finally hit the web! You can check out the music video for 'Hell Yeah!' by playing the Bebo embedded player below, or alternatively head over to Zebrahead's Official Bebo Profile to view it.

EDIT: You can now check out the video in High Quality on YouTube!

Monday, 27 October 2008

Get Phoenix For Free!

What's better than Zebrahead new album? How about Zebrahead's new album for free?! Assuming you have yet to pick up this beast of an album, you'll be happy to know that buying a subscription to alternative music focused Big Cheese Magazine, will get you sent a copy of 'Phoenix' absolutely free of charge! No strings attached!

Quite a great deal and a great way for the guys to get their music out to people who may be unfamiliar with them! Click here for more information including shipping prices. This deal is sure to be limited in numbers!

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Live @ Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth Video

Here is an exclusive for PFH. First of all a video of Zebrahead performing 'Hell Yeah' live in Portsmouth on 16/10/08 filmed by myself for and here! Enjoy!
Check back over the next few days for a download of 20mins worth of live footage from the show!

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Zebrahead On Knight Rider!

While the band may be in the UK currently, their music is still hitting the masses back in their home country! Last night saw part of Zebrahead's new single "Hell Yeah!" being played in a scene in the newly revamped NBC series "Knight Rider". Knight Rider is a series that follows the 1982 TV series of the same title and the recent 2008 television movie!

Stay tuned as we're hoping to get a clip of the episode in question ASAP for you guys to check out!

UPDATE: Check out the short clip below from the episode!

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Best Hit USA Greeting!

Zebrahead recently recorded a short message for Japanese show 'Best Hit USA'. Click here to see their message. Zebrahead's interview with the channel can be seen on TV on the following days:

Oct. 14 (Tuesday) BS Asahi, 23:00 to 23:55
Oct. 18 (Saturday) BS Asahi, 17:00 to 17:55 (repeat)

Here's hoping it gets uploaded onto the website!

Monday, 6 October 2008

New Fanclub Package!

I'm sure many of you got the new email from them. At the bottom it has a link to a new store and new merch, where I found the New Fan Club Package. This version comes with laminated pass that let's us in for meet and greets**, a new fanclub shirt (the grave one), 3 picks and the newest version of "Phoenix" with Politics and Photographs! Not sure if that has the Japanese tracks as well. Personally I like the old shirt. There's going to be some new merch up for the UK and US stores so check back here to see where they are going to link you in the days to come.

Sorry about the quality, it's the's really shitty.


Sunday, 5 October 2008

UK Supports Acts Revealed!

Zebrahead are soon to embark on a UK headline tour followed by a European tour supporting Simple Plan. Up until now the support acts for the UK leg of the tour weren't entirely known. PFH is happy to bring you the full list of support acts compiled through some MySpace investigatory skills!

It appears all support comes directly from UK bands this time round, with no single band performing for all the dates. Check out the list below to see which bands will be supporting Zebrahead at your show(s)!

12th Oct - Stoke Sugarmill - Templeton Pek
13th Oct - Manchester Academy 3 - Templeton Pek & All or Nothing
14th Oct - Swansea Sin City - Templeton Pek & Kids Can't Fly
15th Oct - Cambridge Junction - Templeton Pek & Kids Can't Fly
16th Oct - Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms - Templeton Pek & Kids Can't Fly
17th Oct - London Mean Fiddler - Templeton Pek & Kids Can't Fly
19th Oct - Leeds Cockpit - Paige & Kids Can't Fly
20th Oct - Glasgow Cathouse - Failsafe & Paige
21st Oct - Sheffield Corporation - Failsafe & Paige
22nd Oct - Nottingham Rock City - Failsafe & Paige
23rd Oct - Birmingham Barfly - Failsafe & Paige
24th Oct - Newcastle Academy - Failsafe & Paige

For more information on the bands listed, check out their MySpace profiles below for music samples!

Templeton Pek
All Or Nothing
Kids Can't Fly

*Support acts for the Oxford show on the 18th are currently unknown, it may be safe to assume two local supports will be chosen, but stayed tuned for more info!

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Mental Health Tops Wireline Chart!

Zebrahead's first music video 'Mental Health' to be lifted from the album 'Phoenix' ranked in at No. 1 yesterday on Japan's Western Music's 'Wireline Chart'! Congratulations to the guys and here's hoping similar success is met with both the forthcoming 'Hell Yeah!' and 'The Juggernaughts' videos!

Upcoming Japanese Schedule!

Zebrahead will be featured on the following days in various Japanese media. Check out the complete list below:

Oct 1st - EYESCREAM Magazine
Oct 15th - INROCK Magazine
Oct 15th - ROCKS! Magazine

Oct 14th - BS Asahi - 23:00 to 23:55
Oct 15th - SPACE SHOWER TV "Transporter" - 9pm
Oct 16th - TV Asahi (EX)
Oct 17th - BS Asahi 00:00 - 00:55 (Repeat)

Geki Rock Summer Sonic Report!

Japanese site Geki Rock have added some pictures and a live report from this summer's Summer Sonic Festival. Click here for a rough translated version of the report and to check out more pictures of the guys on stage.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Hate That Japanese Site?

Me too.

sorry about that conversion thing, i tried to fix it but i cannot

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Hell Yeah! Music Video Preview!

Sony Japan's Official Zebrahead Site has been updated with a short clip of Zebrahead's new music video for 'Hell Yeah!' expected to be available for full viewing shortly. Click here to be taken to the main page where a streaming flash file will play, alternatively click here to see the clip which will open in Windows Media Player (WMP is required).

Sunday, 21 September 2008

New Merch Store!

Zebrahead has unveiled a new merch store and best of all, new merch to go with it! Head on over here to check it out and grab some new merch, including hoodies, bags, some new shirts and of course 'Phoenix' in case you still haven't picked up a copy yet! So what are you waiting for? Head on over and grab some new merch to keep you looking cool, while plugging your favourite band at the same time!

Friday, 19 September 2008

Super Cool Stuff Podcast!

Zebrahead took part in a phoner for Episode 10 of The Super Cool Stuff Show recently. You can hear the guys talk about the origin of the band, the new album and more! Check it out below! (Note: The actual Zebrahead part takes place a bit of the way into the episode!)

Alternatively download the mp3 directly to your computer by right clicking here.

Zebrahead Gets A Street Team!

ICON Mes have put together a site in which fans of the band can now join up for the Official Zebrahead Street Team! If you're clueless about what exactly a 'street team' is, it's essentially a group of fans who go and promote a band in their area, whether it be plugging internet sites or handing out leaflets. Essentially the goal is to help raise more awareness of the band in question!

Like all good street teams ICON knows you probably don't wanna be doing this kind of stuff for free, so to entice you in, you are entered to win cool Zebrahead items, including a signed copy of the new album 'Phoenix'.

Click the banner below to join the streetteam and see what all the fuss is about!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

'HMP' For Free Download!

Who says there's no such thing as a free lunch? Zebrahead and Rock Ridge Music have teamed up to allow visiters of the site the ability to download the opening track to Phoenix for absolutely free! You can head on over here to download your free copy of "HMP"! Though seriously if you don't have the album yet, then why the hell not?!

Monday, 15 September 2008

Touring - Zebrahead Style

Ali recently spoke to RockSound to give the lowdown on what happens during the average day of a Zebrahead tour. Click here to read what he had to say!

Osaka Summer Sonic Footage!

Big thanks for Hector at for finding this! Below is a clip that was shown on Japanese TV recapping highlights of Summer Sonic performances from The Subways, New Found Glory, Zebrahead and Paul Weller. Zebrahead can be seen performing 'Mental Health' and 'Playmate Of The Year' (3:44 - 6:06). Check it out!

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Win A Zebrahead Skatedeck!

Assuming you live in or around the Las Vegas area then head over to Skate City and sign up to win a free skate deck! A ballot box is located in store for the compeition! Good luck!

Skate City
4915 Steptoe Street
Suite 600
Las Vegas, NV 89122

Czech Republic Gets Show!

Any Zebrahead fans in the Czech Republic should start celebrating! A headline date has been added for November 9th at the Prague Roxy!

The most up to date set of European dates (supporting Simple Plan) is now as follows:

28-Oct-08 Estonia - Tallin Rock Cafe
29-Oct-08 Finland - Helsinki Cable Factory
31-Oct-08 Sweden - Stockholm Annexet
02-Nov-08 Germany - Cologne Paladium
03-Nov-08 Belgium - Brussels Ancienne Belgique
05-Nov-08 The Netherlands - Tilburg O13
07-Nov-08 Germany - Dortmund Westfalenhalle No.3
08-Nov-08 Germany - Munich Zenith
09-Nov-08 Czech Republic - Prague Roxy*
10-Nov-08 Poland - Warsaw Stodola
11-Nov-08 Germany - Berlin Columbiahalle
12-Nov-08 Switzerland - Biel Easkessel AJZ*
13-Nov-08 Italy - Milan Alcatraz
15-Nov-08 Spain - Barcelona Sant Jordi Club
16-Nov-08 Spain - Bilbao Pabellon De La Casilla
18-Nov-08 Switzerland - Zurich Maag Hall
19-Nov-08 France - Marseille Dock des Suds
20-Nov-08 France - Toulouse Le Phare
22-Nov-08 France - Lille Aeronef
23-Nov-08 France - Paris Zenith

* = Headline shows.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Flood Of Exposure!

If there's one thing Sony Japan knows how to do, it's how to promote its artists! Check out the packed Zebrahead schedule for Japan below, which spans all kinds of media:

Sep 10th - Pia
Sep 13th - Spy Master
Sep 14th - WHAT'S IN [UVERworld and dialogue! 】 :
Sep 15th - INROCK
Sep 24th - SMART
Sep 25th - Lmagazine
Sep - at the end of GRIND HOUSE

Free Magazines
Sep - at the end of FLJ

Sep 12th - Asahi Broadcasting ABC "SUMMERSONIC 08"
Sep 13th - M-ON "GGTV"
Sep 13th - TV Asahi "Summer Sonic the final episode 08]
Sep 14th - M-ON "SUMMERSONIC 08"

Nice to see Sony still pushing the new album!

Behind The Scenes In Japan Video!

The 4th webisode by Zebrahead which we told you about here, has now been added to their MySpace video profile. So those who have yet to see it, or perhaps got fed up with the constant buffering from the official Japanese site can view the video below!

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Social Networking Anyone?

As well as being able to stay up to date with all the Zebrahead going-on's via the band's MySpace profile, both Facebook and Bebo users can stay fully informed as well thanks to the launch of new official Zebrahead Facebook and Bebo profiles! Click the corresponding logos to be taken to these new pages now!

Spread the word!

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

UK Dates Changed (Slightly)!

The forthcoming Zebrahead headline UK dates which were previously announced here, have been changed slightly from the original listing. In short, the tour is to start a day earlier on the 12th October in Stoke and will now see the guys paying a visit to Nottingham on October 22nd and Newcastle on the 24th (both places were missing in the first annoucement).

The original Manchester date for the 22nd will now take place on the 13th, which causes the original Stoke date to be moved a day forward to the 12th! Furthermore the Newcastle show will be an early show with doors opening at 6pm and a curfew of 9pm. Got all that? Check out the full listing below!

12-Oct-08 UK - Stoke Sugarmill
13-Oct-08 UK - Manchester Academy 3
14-Oct-08 UK - Swansea Sin City
15-Oct-08 UK - Cambridge Junction
16-Oct-08 UK - Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms
17-Oct-08 UK - London Mean Fiddler (Astoria 2)
18-Oct-08 UK - Oxford Academy
19-Oct-08 UK - Leeds Cockpit
20-Oct-08 UK - Glasgow Cathouse
21-Oct-08 UK - Sheffield Corporation
22-Oct-08 UK - Nottingham Rock City Basement
23-Oct-08 UK - Birmingham Barfly
24-Oct-08 UK - Newcastle Academy (9pm Curfew/6pm Doors)

UPDATE: Also worth noting that an additional Europe date has been added!

12-Nov-08 Switzerland - Biel Easkessel AJZ

Bringing the current set of European dates (supporting Simple Plan) to look something like this:

28-Oct-08 Estonia - Tallin Rock Cafe
29-Oct-08 Finland - Helsinki Cable Factory
31-Oct-08 Sweden - Stockholm Annexet
02-Nov-08 Germany - Cologne Paladium
03-Nov-08 Belgium - Brussels Ancienne Belgique
05-Nov-08 The Netherlands - Tilburg O13
07-Nov-08 Germany - Dortmund Westfalenhalle No.3
08-Nov-08 Germany - Munich Zenith
10-Nov-08 Poland - Warsaw Stodola
11-Nov-08 Germany - Berlin Columbiahalle
12-Nov-08 Switzerland - Biel Easkessel AJZ
13-Nov-08 Italy - Milan Alcatraz
15-Nov-08 Spain - Barcelona Sant Jordi Club
16-Nov-08 Spain - Bilbao Pabellon De La Casilla
18-Nov-08 Switzerland - Zurich Maag Hall
19-Nov-08 France - Marseille Dock des Suds
20-Nov-08 France - Toulouse Le Phare
22-Nov-08 France - Lille Aeronef
23-Nov-08 France - Paris Zenith

More filler headline European shows to be announced soon!

That's Not My Mental Health!

ZebraheadMashups is back after a short break and this time throws Zebrahead's "Mental Health" and british band The Ting Ting's "That's Not My Name" into the musical blender to give the following results!

(For best viewing watch the above clip in high quality.)

Check out ZebraheadMashups on YouTube to hear the other mashups including artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Michael & Janet Jackson, Good Charlotte, Ayumi Hamasaki, Paramore & Flyleaf go head to head with Zebrahead!

illScarlett Confirmed As Japanese Support!

Canadian based band illScarlett, have been officially confirmed as Zebrahead's support band for their upcoming shows in Japan this November. For anyone interested in the band, you can check out their MySpace right here to listen to some tracks. illScarlett will join Zebrahead on the following dates:

Nov 26th - Sendai: ZEPP SENDAI
Nov 27th - Tokyo: STUDIO COAST
Nov 28th - Tokyo: TAJIOKOSUTO
Nov 30th - Kanagawa: Yokohama Bay Hall
Dec 1st - Nagoya: Diamond Hall
Dec 2nd - Fukuoka: DRUM LOGOS
Dec 3rd - Hiroshima: Club Quattro
Dec 4th - Osaka: IMP Hall

Here's hoping UK support is revealed soon!

Saturday, 30 August 2008

UK Headline Tour Dates!

Zebrahead's Official Site has been updated with the October UK Headline tour dates! Check them out below:

13-Oct-08 UK - Stoke Sugarmill
14-Oct-08 UK - Swansea Sin City
15-Oct-08 UK - Cambridge Junction
16-Oct-08 UK - Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms
17-Oct-08 UK - London Mean Fiddler
18-Oct-08 UK - Oxford Academy
19-Oct-08 UK - Leeds Cockpit
20-Oct-08 UK - Glasgow Cathouse
21-Oct-08 UK - Sheffield Corporation
22-Oct-08 UK - Manchester Academy 3
23-Oct-08 UK - Birmingham Barfly

24-28 of Oct - TBA

These dates will be followed by the following dates in Europe supporting Simple Plan:

29-Oct-08 Finland - Helsinki Cable Factory
31-Oct-08 Sweden - Stockholm Annexet
02-Nov-08 Germany - Cologne Paladium
03-Nov-08 Belgium - Brussels Ancienne Belgique
05-Nov-08 The Netherlands - Tilburg O13
07-Nov-08 Germany - Dortmund Westfalenhalle No.3
08-Nov-08 Germany - Munich Zenith
10-Nov-08 Poland - Warsaw Stodola
11-Nov-08 Germany - Berlin Columbiahalle
13-Nov-08 Italy - Milan Alcatraz
15-Nov-08 Spain - Barcelona Sant Jordi Club
16-Nov-08 Spain - Bilbao Pabellon De La Casilla
18-Nov-08 Switzerland - Zurich Maag Hall
19-Nov-08 France - Marseille Dock des Suds
20-Nov-08 France - Toulouse Le Phare
22-Nov-08 France - Lille Aeronef
23-Nov-08 France - Paris Zenith

Thursday, 28 August 2008

Zebrahead In Japan - Video Update 4!

The fourth video update (or 'Webisode') from Zebrahead has been uploaded to the Official Japanese site. Click here to be taken there right now to watch it! This update is all about the guys recent visit to Japan, and features playing at Summer Sonic and various bits of other promo done for the new album.

Due to being hosted on Japanese servers you may find the video buffers alot, if this is the case then you may want to wait until this update is added to the band's YouTube or MySpace video accounts, as chances are this will happen very soon!

INROCK Selling Merch Directly!

INROCK who teamed up with Zebrahead to bring out new exclusive Japanese merch, have set up a brand new Zebrahead page which allows fans from outside of Japan to buy the merch directly from them.

Simply head on over to here, and enter the number of each item you want, your sale will be finalised via e-mails. Quite a neat way of getting hold of this stuff directly, and hopefully more Japan only items will be able to be obtained in a similar way in the future!

For more information on the site, check out the latest Zebrahead MySpace blog entry below, which gives a bit of infomation:
"So you have always wondered....Where can I get a zebrahead calendar???....or zebrahead notepads????......or maybe not????.....well now you can get all these classy items ordering from the below website.....we teamed up with Inrock Magazine in Japan to make the below items....why not get a calendar to draw crap on our faces and stupid sayings coming out of our mouths????..I did it!!!!..hey whats funnier than looking at our ugly mugs while taking a dump...

prices are in pretty much take the last two digets off the price and that is USA dollars....or cute the price in half and take the last two digets off and that is UK get it...

so JPY2000 is like $20 or 10Pounds..

anyway you look at is pretty funny to have this stuff.....and I LOVE it!


Saturday, 23 August 2008

Morning Show Central Phoner!

Ali and Ben took part in a phone interview last night on Morning Show Central's 'Uncensored Net Noise' radio show. You can check out a video of the show here! (Though naturally being on the phone, you'll only get to hear the guys!) Be warned however as the video may take a while to start initially playing, and may take even longer to actually load up to the 30 minute mark which is where the phone interview starts. But once you get there you can enjoy 25 minutes of Zebrahead related talk!

Alternative Press Contest!

Click the image below for full details, with terms and conditions, for Alternative Press' Zebrahead Contest! Simply sign up for an account on the site and you're good to go. Contest is open to everyone no matter where your country of residence. So good luck!

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Blast From The Past!

Check out this awesome old clip of Matty back in the days when he was the frontman for pop-punk trio Jank 1000. In the video Matty takes us for a tour of the band's 'home' - MTV Cribs style! This video was recorded around May 2002 when the band were touring with friends The Return and is featured on their DVD "Live At The Passage" which was release in very limited numbers.

To think how far Matty has come in such a short number of years!

Behind The Scenes Of "The Juggernauts"

Well here it is, thanks to Carlton Beener you can get your first look at the music video for "The Juggernauts"! As the pictures would suggest, the video appears to be a pool party set performance piece including some awesome underwater shots! The video looks set to have some awesome cameos as well, including none other than Jason Freese!

Shooting took place last Thursday, just a few days before the other forthcoming video for "Hell Yeah!" was filmed. Both videos, directed by Elliot Dillman, are currently being edited by the team at PandaWorks and are due out shortly! Expect their debut to be made on the Japanese Official Site.

Here are some words taken directly from Carlton's blog about the shoot. Exciting stuff!
"Got home from San Diego at 2:30am. Got up at 7 to get ready and drive out to La Canada (pronounced canyada, not like the country canada Ben). Ben and I pulled up at the same time, we were the first ones there. Everyone else showed up about a half hour later. Matty had the only solo scene which was filmed first in the front of the house, the rest was all in the back.

Except for a malfunctioning iPod/boombox the day went fairly smoothly. It was hot but not too hot. I won’t give away too much about the video but I will say it was fun ruining all those instruments. Make sure to look out for a few cameos. Shooting wrapped around 6:45 and we all jumped in our cars to rush over to Anaheim."

To stay up to date on all the latest happenings on the two new videos stick with PFH! For now I'll leave you with the complete set of Carlton's pictures from the shoot which can be viewed here!

House Of Blues Photos!

Carlton Beener has done it again! Check out his fantastic photos from the House Of Blues shows in San Diego and Anaheim that took place last week by clicking his Flickr links below:

House Of Blues San Diego
House Of Blues Anaheim

Exclusive Merch... Not So Exclusive!

You probably remember a short while back when you got to lay eyes on a variety of new merch that will be heading to Japan, including calenders, notepads, stickers, badges and even plastic folders! Chances are you wanted to get your hands on them right?

Well big thanks to Scott and Neil from for spotting that these new merch items are on HMV Japan and Amazon Japan! If you head to your site of choice and find the "display this page in English" option (it's on the right hand side on Amazon and on the top left on HMV) you can add the items of your choice to your shopping basket and checkout as normal!

Amazon Japan:
Official Zebrahead 2009 Calender

HMV Japan:
Official Zebrahead 2009 Calender
Folder Design A
Folder Design B
Notepad Design A
Notepad Design B

Assuming you already have an Amazon/HMV account, then you're good to go! Both sites should be let you order as normal and allow the items to be sent worldwide! Obviously, expect to have a wait for possibly a bit longer than normal to receive your merch, as not only do you have shipping time form Japan to consider, but some items may be limited in quantity at the time of order, and therefore will take additional time to be recieved by the supplier before sending out.

With that said, happy shopping!

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Photos Of Phoenix Recording Sessions!

Carlton Beener has updated his Flickr account with numerous photos from the Phoenix Studio recording sessions that took place around April of this year. Click here to head on over to Beener's photo album and check them out!

MySpace Player Updated!

Just a heads up for any MySpace users; Zebrahead have added the following songs to their profile player:

'Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right...'
'Just The Tip'
'Mike Dexter Is A God...'

So head on over to check them out/add them to your own page! Thanks to Jen for the e-mailing this in!

More Summer Sonic Videos!

We already linked you to a video of "Back To Normal" taken from the stage of Summer Sonic, well a few more videos have cropped up on YouTube from the same user! Best of all Matty's Pirate Song and スペシャル・ソング (Special Song) (aka Ching Ching Bing Bing) are featured within them! Check them out below!

Back To Normal (Live At Tokyo):

Anthem (Live At Tokyo):

スペシャル・ソング (Special Song) (Live At Tokyo):

Mental Health (Live At Osaka):

Pirate Song & Postcards From Hell (Live At Osaka):

Rescue Me (Live At Osaka):

Jag Off (Live At Osaka):

スペシャル・ソング/Into You (Live At Osaka):

Big thanks to (cryingandwanking) for capturing these!

Monday, 18 August 2008

Breaking: US Tour Postponed!

The press release below pretty much explains everything! Sorry to all US fans this affects, expect dates to be rescheduled ASAP!


Hailing from Orange County , CA. zebrahead -- Ali Tabatabaee (vocals), Greg Bergdorf (guitar), Matty Lewis (vocals/guitar), Ben Osmundson (bass) and Ed Udhus (drums) – are just back from a grueling tour of Europe and Japan and much to the bands disappointment they are forced to postpone the US tour dates.

Fresh off the plane from Japan last Thursday the band headed straight for location to shoot the video for the track "The Juggernauts”…during the production frontman Matty Lewis started to see some changes in his voice, the band immediately called in a physician and the outcome was to postpone the August/September US tour dates… doctors orders. Matty has been told he must relax his vocals until further notice.

Zebrahead plans to reschedule these dates ASAP."

On a side note, this also confirms that "The Juggernaughts" will be another single taken from "Phoenix" and other early reports indicate "Hell Yeah!" has also had a video shot for it.

OC Register Scans!

Here on PFH we recently linked to an online article by The Orange County Register in which Ali spoke about the new album Phoenix. Well this article was also featured in the hard copy of the OC Register last Saturday and Jim from was kind enough to scan in the article for us! You can check it out below (click for larger images).

Friday, 15 August 2008

Awesome New Japanese Merch!

INROCK and Sony Japan have teamed up to bring out some exclusive new Zebrahead merch, but we're not talking t-shirts, hoodies and DVDs... far from it in fact. If you're lucky enough to reside in Japan then you can get your hands on Zebrahead 2009 calenders, notepads, badges/buttons, stickers and various other stationery. Check out some pictures of this new stuff below!

Official 2009 Calender





Clear File Holder (Folder)

Clear File Holder (Folder)

Unfortunately this staionery will remain stationary (see what I did there?), as there are no plans to bring any of this stuff to the US, Europe or... well anywhere outside of Japan infact. However if you're lucky enough to live there, or maybe have contacts then head on over to RockSales where you can buy this stuff right now!

Additional Japan Photos!

Zebrahead's blog has been updated with a few more cool pictures taken during their recent visit to Japan. Click here to head on over there and check them out for yourself. So... anyone wanna get me that car?

Thursday, 14 August 2008

Win Anaheim HOB Tickets!

The US tour is just a day away from kicking off, and if you live in the OC area you can win tickets to this Saturday's show at the House Of Blues, Anaheim, thanks to The Orange County Register. Click the image below to enter (and to read the contest terms and conditions which you MUST meet to be eligible for entry to the competition!)

The same guys behind this contest also have a new article up with Ali's thoughts on Zebrahead's new album. Makes an interesting read for sure, so check it out right here.

If you live in the US make sure you catch the guys at one of the dates below:

15 Aug - House of Blues - San Diego, California
16 Aug - House of Blues - Anaheim, California
18 Aug - The Sets - Tempe, Arizona
20 Aug - Mesa Theatre - Grand Junction, Colorado
21 Aug - Aggie Theatre - Fort Collins, COlorado
23 Aug - The Rave Bar - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
24 Aug - Peabody's - Cleveland, Ohio
26 Aug - Crocodile Rock - Allentown, Pennsylvania
27 Aug - Blender Theatre at Gramercy - New York, New York
28 Aug - The Stone Pony - Asbury Park, New Jersey
29 Aug - Tinks - Scranton, Pennsylvania
30 Aug - The Magic Stick - Detroit, Michigan
31 Aug - Diesel - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
2 Sep - The Intersection - Grand Rapids, Michigan
3 Sep - Reggie's - Chicago, Illinois
4 Sep - Pop’s - Sauget (St. Louis), Illinois
5 Sep - The Slow Down - Omaha, Nebraska
6 Sep - The Bluebird - Denver, Colorado
7 Sep - Black Sheep - Colorado Springs, Colorado
8 Sep - Club Boom VA - Salt Lake City, Utah
9 Sep - The Big Easy - Boise, Idaho
10 Sep - ICON - Pocatello, Idaho
11 Sep - The Boulevard - Spokane, Washington
12 Sep - El Corazon - Seattle, Washington
13 Sep - Hawthorne Theatre - Portland, Oregon
15 Sep - Broadwalk - Sacramento, California
16 Sep - TBA
17 Sep - Karma Lounge - Ventura, California
18 Sep - The Knitting Factory - Los Angeles, California

Whoa! Wait....What?

I check PFH every day, probably about 5 times a day, and just now I saw that they posted alot in that lil mobile number we have on the side here. They updated it with alot! Don't forget about that stuff guys! it's fun, short and straight to the point! No bullshit paragraphs like I'm posting right now!

Monday, 11 August 2008

Summer Sonic 2008 Interview Clip!

Head on over to MTV Japan to stream a very short clip from an interview with the guys that took place at this year's Summer Sonic Festival!

Phoenix UK arrives!!

So 11/8 the UK version of Phoenix is released. I ordered it from Play a fewweeks ago and at 8.30 a.m this morning it drops through the letter box!! Great that its a 2 disc special. The DVD has been altered slightly in appearance with a Phoenix colour co-ordinated blue/black label.

So thats virtually it now, with a few exceptions its fully out there and world domination WILL now follow!!!!!!!!!!


Summer Sonic 2008 Setlist & Videos!

Zebrahead's full setlist for both Summer Sonic shows this year has been shown in full. You can check it out below:

1. Anthem
2. Rescue Me
3. Here's To You
4. Just The Tip
5. Postcards From Hell
6. Back To Normal
7. Jag-Off
8. スペシャル・ソング (Special Song)*
9. Into You
10. Falling Apart
11. Mental Health
12. Rated "U" For Ugly
13. Wannabe
14. Hello Tomorrow
15. Hell Yeah!
16. Playmate Of The Year

* Song 8 is a special funny song "for Japan".

Looking good! A number of videos from the event have also surfaced on YouTube! They will have to tide us over until the professionally filmed footage is put up for streaming at some point in the future!

Back To Normal (Live At Tokyo):

Several Short Clips From The Crowd:

Japan Tour Dates Announced!

They haven't even left Japan yet, but Zebrahead have already announced a Japanese tour taking place in late November - early December. Check out the dates below:

Nov 26th - Sendai: ZEPP SENDAI
Nov 27th - Tokyo: STUDIO COAST
Nov 28th - Tokyo: TAJIOKOSUTO
Nov 30th - Kanagawa: Yokohama Bay Hall
Dec 1st - Nagoya: Diamond Hall
Dec 2nd - Fukuoka: DRUM LOGOS
Dec 3rd - Hiroshima: Club Quattro
Dec 4th - Osaka: IMP Hall

If you're lucky enough to live in Japan... or perhaps planning to go visit around that time (entirely coincidental I'm sure!) then you can pre-order tickets from here.

Phoenix Flies Into European Stores!

Today marks the release of Phoenix in the majority of European countries on the SPV/Metal Hammer label, so make sure you head on out today and pick up a copy! All copies also come with the 'Broadcast To The World: The F*#king DVD' thrown in for free! Talk about a deal!

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Summer Sonic 2008 Osaka Photos!

Following on from yesterday's Tokyo pictures, here are some cool shots of Zebrahead playing the Ocean Stage in Osaka for day 2 of the Summer Sonic 2008 festival. Check them out below: