Tuesday, 19 August 2008

More Summer Sonic Videos!

We already linked you to a video of "Back To Normal" taken from the stage of Summer Sonic, well a few more videos have cropped up on YouTube from the same user! Best of all Matty's Pirate Song and スペシャル・ソング (Special Song) (aka Ching Ching Bing Bing) are featured within them! Check them out below!

Back To Normal (Live At Tokyo):

Anthem (Live At Tokyo):

スペシャル・ソング (Special Song) (Live At Tokyo):

Mental Health (Live At Osaka):

Pirate Song & Postcards From Hell (Live At Osaka):

Rescue Me (Live At Osaka):

Jag Off (Live At Osaka):

スペシャル・ソング/Into You (Live At Osaka):

Big thanks to (cryingandwanking) for capturing these!

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