Friday, 1 August 2008

Alternative Press Review!

Zebrahead's "Phoenix" has been reviewed in this month's Alternative Press Magazine scoring 3/5. You can check out the full review below!
"All over the map with mixed results but good guitars.

On their sixth album, Zebrahead tend to function like a composite sketch of a band, dipping their toes in several different styles without quite claiming any as their own. As their mix of punk and rap loses it's signature quality, "Ignite" huddles in the patchier side of Bad Religion's shadow, while "Hit The Ground" is a stunningly brazen Linkin Park rip-off. In between are a lot of varying shades of pop-punk (with a menacing surfy intro on "All For None And None For All"), with generally energetic, if limited, vocals and teenage drama they haven't quite outgrown. Far less snot-nosed than, say, Sum 41, Zebrahead's actual personality comes through less in their lyrics than Greg Bergdorf's meaty guitar solos, which prove the band to be deeper veterans than their open-ended musical appropriations might imply. - Rick Flintlock"


ColinStein said...

was that a good review or not?

Anonymous said...


Matty D said...

It more or less says that Zebrahead aren't quite what what used to be, but they still do well enough.

Matty D said...

*correction* "aren't quite what they used to be"

Anonymous said...

So..... where is toilet? Hehe))) Joke, relax ;)
By the way, anybody home?!