Thursday, 21 August 2008

Exclusive Merch... Not So Exclusive!

You probably remember a short while back when you got to lay eyes on a variety of new merch that will be heading to Japan, including calenders, notepads, stickers, badges and even plastic folders! Chances are you wanted to get your hands on them right?

Well big thanks to Scott and Neil from for spotting that these new merch items are on HMV Japan and Amazon Japan! If you head to your site of choice and find the "display this page in English" option (it's on the right hand side on Amazon and on the top left on HMV) you can add the items of your choice to your shopping basket and checkout as normal!

Amazon Japan:
Official Zebrahead 2009 Calender

HMV Japan:
Official Zebrahead 2009 Calender
Folder Design A
Folder Design B
Notepad Design A
Notepad Design B

Assuming you already have an Amazon/HMV account, then you're good to go! Both sites should be let you order as normal and allow the items to be sent worldwide! Obviously, expect to have a wait for possibly a bit longer than normal to receive your merch, as not only do you have shipping time form Japan to consider, but some items may be limited in quantity at the time of order, and therefore will take additional time to be recieved by the supplier before sending out.

With that said, happy shopping!

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