Thursday, 28 August 2008

INROCK Selling Merch Directly!

INROCK who teamed up with Zebrahead to bring out new exclusive Japanese merch, have set up a brand new Zebrahead page which allows fans from outside of Japan to buy the merch directly from them.

Simply head on over to here, and enter the number of each item you want, your sale will be finalised via e-mails. Quite a neat way of getting hold of this stuff directly, and hopefully more Japan only items will be able to be obtained in a similar way in the future!

For more information on the site, check out the latest Zebrahead MySpace blog entry below, which gives a bit of infomation:
"So you have always wondered....Where can I get a zebrahead calendar???....or zebrahead notepads????......or maybe not????.....well now you can get all these classy items ordering from the below website.....we teamed up with Inrock Magazine in Japan to make the below items....why not get a calendar to draw crap on our faces and stupid sayings coming out of our mouths????..I did it!!!!..hey whats funnier than looking at our ugly mugs while taking a dump...

prices are in pretty much take the last two digets off the price and that is USA dollars....or cute the price in half and take the last two digets off and that is UK get it...

so JPY2000 is like $20 or 10Pounds..

anyway you look at is pretty funny to have this stuff.....and I LOVE it!


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