Monday, 27 October 2008

Get Phoenix For Free!

What's better than Zebrahead new album? How about Zebrahead's new album for free?! Assuming you have yet to pick up this beast of an album, you'll be happy to know that buying a subscription to alternative music focused Big Cheese Magazine, will get you sent a copy of 'Phoenix' absolutely free of charge! No strings attached!

Quite a great deal and a great way for the guys to get their music out to people who may be unfamiliar with them! Click here for more information including shipping prices. This deal is sure to be limited in numbers!

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Live @ Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth Video

Here is an exclusive for PFH. First of all a video of Zebrahead performing 'Hell Yeah' live in Portsmouth on 16/10/08 filmed by myself for and here! Enjoy!
Check back over the next few days for a download of 20mins worth of live footage from the show!

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Zebrahead On Knight Rider!

While the band may be in the UK currently, their music is still hitting the masses back in their home country! Last night saw part of Zebrahead's new single "Hell Yeah!" being played in a scene in the newly revamped NBC series "Knight Rider". Knight Rider is a series that follows the 1982 TV series of the same title and the recent 2008 television movie!

Stay tuned as we're hoping to get a clip of the episode in question ASAP for you guys to check out!

UPDATE: Check out the short clip below from the episode!

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Best Hit USA Greeting!

Zebrahead recently recorded a short message for Japanese show 'Best Hit USA'. Click here to see their message. Zebrahead's interview with the channel can be seen on TV on the following days:

Oct. 14 (Tuesday) BS Asahi, 23:00 to 23:55
Oct. 18 (Saturday) BS Asahi, 17:00 to 17:55 (repeat)

Here's hoping it gets uploaded onto the website!

Monday, 6 October 2008

New Fanclub Package!

I'm sure many of you got the new email from them. At the bottom it has a link to a new store and new merch, where I found the New Fan Club Package. This version comes with laminated pass that let's us in for meet and greets**, a new fanclub shirt (the grave one), 3 picks and the newest version of "Phoenix" with Politics and Photographs! Not sure if that has the Japanese tracks as well. Personally I like the old shirt. There's going to be some new merch up for the UK and US stores so check back here to see where they are going to link you in the days to come.

Sorry about the quality, it's the's really shitty.


Sunday, 5 October 2008

UK Supports Acts Revealed!

Zebrahead are soon to embark on a UK headline tour followed by a European tour supporting Simple Plan. Up until now the support acts for the UK leg of the tour weren't entirely known. PFH is happy to bring you the full list of support acts compiled through some MySpace investigatory skills!

It appears all support comes directly from UK bands this time round, with no single band performing for all the dates. Check out the list below to see which bands will be supporting Zebrahead at your show(s)!

12th Oct - Stoke Sugarmill - Templeton Pek
13th Oct - Manchester Academy 3 - Templeton Pek & All or Nothing
14th Oct - Swansea Sin City - Templeton Pek & Kids Can't Fly
15th Oct - Cambridge Junction - Templeton Pek & Kids Can't Fly
16th Oct - Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms - Templeton Pek & Kids Can't Fly
17th Oct - London Mean Fiddler - Templeton Pek & Kids Can't Fly
19th Oct - Leeds Cockpit - Paige & Kids Can't Fly
20th Oct - Glasgow Cathouse - Failsafe & Paige
21st Oct - Sheffield Corporation - Failsafe & Paige
22nd Oct - Nottingham Rock City - Failsafe & Paige
23rd Oct - Birmingham Barfly - Failsafe & Paige
24th Oct - Newcastle Academy - Failsafe & Paige

For more information on the bands listed, check out their MySpace profiles below for music samples!

Templeton Pek
All Or Nothing
Kids Can't Fly

*Support acts for the Oxford show on the 18th are currently unknown, it may be safe to assume two local supports will be chosen, but stayed tuned for more info!

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Mental Health Tops Wireline Chart!

Zebrahead's first music video 'Mental Health' to be lifted from the album 'Phoenix' ranked in at No. 1 yesterday on Japan's Western Music's 'Wireline Chart'! Congratulations to the guys and here's hoping similar success is met with both the forthcoming 'Hell Yeah!' and 'The Juggernaughts' videos!

Upcoming Japanese Schedule!

Zebrahead will be featured on the following days in various Japanese media. Check out the complete list below:

Oct 1st - EYESCREAM Magazine
Oct 15th - INROCK Magazine
Oct 15th - ROCKS! Magazine

Oct 14th - BS Asahi - 23:00 to 23:55
Oct 15th - SPACE SHOWER TV "Transporter" - 9pm
Oct 16th - TV Asahi (EX)
Oct 17th - BS Asahi 00:00 - 00:55 (Repeat)

Geki Rock Summer Sonic Report!

Japanese site Geki Rock have added some pictures and a live report from this summer's Summer Sonic Festival. Click here for a rough translated version of the report and to check out more pictures of the guys on stage.