Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Area4 Festival Broadcast

Zebrahead's appearance at the recent Area4 festival in Germany is to be broadcast on German TV this September 14th. Tune into WDR (Rockpalast) channel between 0:15 and 2:45 to see the likes of Zebrahead, Faith No More and AFI on the stage.

Zebrahead's complete set for the festival was as follows, no word on how much will be shown on the TV programme:
00. Intro
01. Rescue Me
02. Postcards From Hell
03. Jag Off
04. Hello Tomorrow
05. Playmate Of The Year
06. HMP
07. Anthem
08. The Setup

You can check out a little intro video Matty and Ali filmed for the channel below:

Unsere Videos können Sie mit dem Flash-Player ab der Version 8.0 ansehen. Den neuesten Flash-Player können Sie beim Hersteller Adobe unter folgender Adresse kostenlos downloaden:


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