Sunday, 30 August 2009

Might Just Happen Anyway!

Hart Brake Kid have uploaded a new song on their MySpace profile entitled 'Might Just Happen Anyway'. This song just so happens to have been co-produced by none other than Matty Lewis himself! That's right check out the tidbit of info below from the band's MySpace blog:
"OK!!!!! ITS TIME!!

Our new song "MIGHT JUST HAPPEN ANYWAY" is now up and ready for you to rock!!!

This is one of many new songs that were co produced by Matty Lewis of ZEBRAHEAD, and we couldnt be more excited!!"
Click here to listen to the song!


julio said...

this song sounds a lot like some zebrahead songs...

Anonymous said...

it sounds like "Two wrongs dont make a right..." at the begining

Anonymous said...

Hart Brake Kid broke up about 10 days after that song was released. Whoops