Thursday, 20 August 2009

Kerrang! Review & Ali's First Gig!

The latest issue of Kerrang! Magazine has a short Sonisphere review in which the guys were awarded an awesome score of KKKK (4/5), Ali also gets reminiscent and tells the readers about his very first gig! Check out the scans below!

Los Angeles Forum 1990
"Axl was a complete asshole - he made us wait a really long time before he would come out. Sebastian Back was also very cocky and arrogant. I mean they were just these huge rockstars being big dickheads! Despite that, I wound up really enjoying the show. It was full of wasted people and was just total spectacle from start to finish, which is pretty awesome to witness. I'm also pleased that I got to see Guns N'Roses before Axl Rose lost his mind completely"
-Ali Tabatabaee, Zebrahead
Thanks to's Scott and Matias for the scans!

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