Saturday, 31 January 2009

More Pre-Zebrahead Malarky!

Chris DiCarlo, the former singer for late 90s La Habra based band 3-Ply has set up a MySpace music profile for the band, which I'm pretty sure some people may want to check out! 'Why?' I hear you ask. Well, before becoming the Zebrahead bassist we all know and love, our very own Ben Osmundson played bass in the aforementioned band (as well as occassionally singing!).

Head on over the 3-Ply MySpace Profile and you can listen to some of the old songs (check out LMD in particular) as well as see a few pictures of album/vinyl covers and so forth. Well who'd have thought it eh? Keep an eye on the profile as it's sure to grow once Chris digs out more stuff, and if you're still needing a pre-Zebrahead fix, then head on over to listen to Matty's old band Jank 1000.

Well I look forward to Ben sending me a threatening e-mail. Enjoy!

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