Saturday, 31 January 2009

Cover Album In The Works...

Since completing their gigantic UK/European/Japanese tour things have quietened down considerably in the land of Zebrahead, however fear not! Everyone will be pleased to know that the guys are currently hard finishing up a Cover Song album!

As posted by Ben recently in a ReverbNation e-mail, he states that the guys "have been really busy.............tat tat ta da............working on a covers record...yes a covers record.....I will unfold more details soon...but it is almost done!!!.......we are excited...."

PFH can let you know the covers album has a particular theme but we'll leave that for an official announcement, as it really is worth the wait! We are possibly looking at a March/April release for this one but we'll bring you all the details as soon as they are confirmed!


Anonymous said...

what is a cover album?

Anonymous said...

A cover album is an album where they play songs they did not write, or "covers". For example, zebrahead playing living on a prayer by bon jovi or etc.