Friday, 3 April 2009

Zebrahead On Summer Sonic Poster!

While they may not be playing the monster festival this summer in Japan, Zebrahead are certainly still on the minds of the Summer Sonic organisers! The band can be seen mid-performance on the official Summer Sonic '09 lineup poster which can be seen here (scroll down!). Pretty neat!

Zebrahead still hold the impressive title of being the band to play Summer Sonic the most times, despite not making an appearance this year!


julio said...

why isn't zebrahead playing this year? :[

Uncle Cletus said...

Zebrahead usually plays Summer Sonic shortly after the release of an album. Since the next album probably won't be along until 2010, it would make sense that they go next year instead of this year.

That doesn't mean they couldn't do PunkSpring or just a headline tour there.

julio said...

so ur saying that every time zebrahead played there, it was after a new, thanks dude