Monday, 15 October 2007

Mother Fuckin' Zebrahead Blog!

Hey there! You've reached Postcards From Hell - a new Zebrahead blog aiming to bring you up-to-date Zebrahead content! Whether it be news, pictures, videos, interviews, audio... or... well anything remotely Zebrahead related actually! Postcards From Hell (PFH) will certainly be the place you'll find out about it.

The idea of starting up a Zebrahead blog is certainly not a new one to me, however in the past I've always found myself torn between the choice of creating one, or rather sticking it out with the official site, message board and band's MySpace. It's only with the UK Get Happy Tour (which is just over 24 hours away now) that I found myself finally going ahead with this. Perhaps it has something to do with preparing for hopefully an explosion of upcoming Zebrahead related content? Any Zebrahead fan can tell you how updates have been lacking over recent months, with the band undergoing a 'quiet' period to write/record songs for a new album, and just generally hang out. Either way, Postcards From Hell is born!

So where will this blog go exactly? That's certainly a good question and hopefully one I'll know the answer to soon enough. The next few days at least will be spent tweaking layouts, themes and posting some slightly older content that to any non members may be new. Talking of I'd highly recommend signing up to the boards. There are (some) great die-hard Zebrahead fans on there and if you share a love for Zebrahead then you'll fit right in! I'm dataDyneDaz on there just as an FYI. Would be great to see some more people on there.

Right then. that would be it for the obligatory introductory entry... perhaps I'll see you in a future entry?

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