Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Early Newcastle Get Happy Impressions

The first batch of feedback, namely in the form of MySpace comments has begun to appear on both Zebrahead's profile and that of the Get Happy Tour. Once again Zebrahead seem to have successfully converted a number of people into fans, many of whom had never heard of the band before (good going guys!), and have stayed loyal to fans by carrying out the promised meet and greets as well as hanging around with the queues.

Ben recently made a comment on the band's official site in which he states:

"Hey Guys. Newcastle was amazing last.... so thank you! We have been having trouble receiving the emails of names for the meet and greets, so to make sure everything is OK...please wear your fan club shirt! And if there is a screw up...we are very dumb and apologize....we are trying but I guess we are dumb and dumber!!!...mfzb"

So if you're attending a show and expecting a meet and greet, it might be a good idea to wear your fan club shirt! No kind of media or information on Zebrahead's setlist or length of set has been made apparent yet, but details will be available soon. As I mentioned earlier on, I shall be attending Nottingham tomorrow and if I can I will try to do some updating from the road, otherwise expect a full report by Friday. To anyone attending the upcoming shows, have an awesome time!

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