Saturday, 24 May 2008

Exclusive Download: Jank 1000 - Suburban Punks Are Go!! EP

Up for download today is the first independent EP release from Jank 1000 entitled "Suburban Punks Are Go!!". For anyone not in the know, Jank 1000 was the first band of Matty Lewis, who now of course plays guitar and sings for Zebrahead.

This EP was released back in 1999 and did very well in the local Omaha, Nebraska area. For more information on Jank 1000, including their history and other releases check out the Jank 1000 MySpace Profile!

Full technical details below!

Album: Suburban Punks Are Go!!
Artist: Jank 1000

01. Let's Go!
02. ...In The Meantime
03. Misty 540°
04. Blind
05. Optimus Prime
06. The Idiot...

Bitrate: 192kbps
Genre: Pop-Punk
Year Of Release: 1999
Format: .mp3




Butch Paulson said...

This is awesome. You guys gotta put more of the J1K cds on this. Thanks!!!

Pete man said...

dude!!! Butch!!! whats up!!!!