Thursday, 29 May 2008

Phoenix Track Details.

It has been confirmed that the standard CD release of Phoenix in the US will contain a massive 16 tracks (talk about value for money!). Better yet the European edition of the album will contain an extra track, giving a nice total of 17, while anyone buying the album from Japan will receive a total of 18 tracks (2 bonus tracks)!

One of the Japanese bonus tracks has been confirmed to be "Art Of Breaking Up" and it is assumed that the other bonus track will be the same track that Europe is getting.

Chances are if you are reading this and are from the US, you may be feeling a little left out! But don't worry as ICON Mes will be releasing (possibly in digital format only - think iTunes, Amazon etc) a special advance EP entitled "Not The New Album EP" which will contain the following tracks:

1. Photographs
2. Politics
3. Mental Health

If you're lucky enough to get all versions of the CD you should have a total of 20 (or 21 if the European bonus track is exclusive) songs! Hell yeah!


JediBmoney said...

A new photographs or the original untouched photograhs?

dataDyneDaz said...

Photographs vocals have been resung by Ali and Matty but the music underneath will be the same version that was recorded from the Broadcast To The World sessions, that was never released (different to the demo they put up on PureVolume a while back).

JediBmoney said...

i have the demo in really good quality. you want to post it if i send it to you?

dataDyneDaz said...

Sure dude, I might have it in the same quality already but yeah if you wanna send it you can do so to If it is better I'll put a download up on here and credit you and everything. If it's the same then people will most likely already have it from Media Gallery. Thanks either way dude!

JediBmoney said...

Sent. tell me what you think.