Monday, 26 May 2008

"Ud-hus Better Sit Down For This..."

And titles like that is why I don't do journalism! Here is some important news from the road that may affect you if you are going to a show within the first week of Zebrahead's UK tour.

You've got to picture the scene here. You're in the crowd and the lights go down. This is the moment you've been waiting for. Silhouettes appear and the crowd go nuts. The lights come on and there they are! Ali, Greg, Matty, Ben and... Chris Dalley?!

That's right kids, unfortunately due to a little mishap back home drummer Ed Udhus has had to delay flying out to the UK by about a week, meaning he probably won't be playing until the June 2nd show.

This sounds like a disaster but luckily Zebrahead have managed to avoid cancelling any UK shows thanks to finding an awesome replacement, in the form of Chris Dalley from the band Death By Stereo! Only having a 9 hour flight and some studio time in London on the 24th, Chris has taken on quite a challenge to learn an entire Zebrahead set ready for the UK shows.

So how will this change of line-up effect you if you're attending one of the first few shows? Well apart from the obvious absence of Ed, chances are will be significantly fewer new songs from the new album Phoenix will be played. This may disappoint some fans but you should remember that this would be nowhere near the level of disappointment you would be feeling if the guys had had to cancel. It's hard enough trying to learn the basic songs so it's understandable that having to learn songs from an album that's not even out yet may be pushing it! Yesterday in Leeds did see the debut of "Mental Health" being played, so that song will most likely pop up again though. Anyway here's to Chris for literally saving the start of the tour!

Stay tuned for more possible updates from the road!
Here is a video of Ali explaining Ed's little mishap:

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