Friday, 4 July 2008

Exclusive Download: Once There - Bye/Sick Of Waiting 7"

Up for download today (as a few people have requested I re-upload!) is the 7" 1995 release of Once There, which for anyone not in the know was the first band of Justin Mauriello before he joined Zebrahead in 1996!

There are only two tracks on this release, but both are pretty awesome in their own right and reminiscent of early Zebrahead (kind of). You can check out the full info including download links below!

Bye/Sick Of Waiting 7"

Artist: Once There
Released: 1995 Slo Burn Records
Bitrate: 192kbps
A. "Bye"
B. "Sick Of Waiting"

Front Cover:

Back Cover:

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire)

DOWNLOAD (MegaUpload)

Need an alternative host? Let me know below! Otherwise enjoy!


Ryan said...

cheers for that again dude

luke said...

Can't get this download to work...I love ZH and IHK and would love to hear these songs. Any other way I can DL them?

luke said...

Any way you could upload the file to