Monday, 28 July 2008

European Release Delayed!

Several adverts for Phoenix in UK magazines (such as the recent Kerrang! magazine advert) have stated that the European release of Phoenix will be on the 11th August - this of course contradicts earlier information that the release in Europe is slated for the 4th August.

To add further confusion some UK specialist sites such as have shown a different tracklist order with some tracks seemingly being renamed. There is certainly confusion as to what exactly is happening with the European version of Phoenix to say the least.

Luckily the band have updated their official website with the following statement to explain exactly what is going on. You can check it out below:
"So the album is coming out August 11th now in the UK and Europe. But ...guess what .........there is a good reason and you will be happy!!....Our label in UK/Europe has decided to include the "Broadcast the the World the EFFing DVD" for FREE with the new album. Yes...just like the USA label the new "Phoenix" CD with come in a 2 CD package that contains the DVD for FREE!...get that stuff...your grandma will love it!

and yes...rumor going around that song titles and order will be different...that is a NO..they will be the cool beans...and

"I just wanna Dance"- Name that movie??

So there you go! Delayed by a week (hey it could be worse!) but a free DVD bundled in with the album! Expect coverage of both the US and European releases here on PFH.

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Anonymous said...

I know it's common for the speical editions with DVD's to be released a week after the main release date. Hence why the 11th August thing didn't bother me. But it seems the CD will be, oh well.

This might explain why I was able to get the DVD so cheap at Download. XD