Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Not The New Album EP Hits iTunes!

Just a reminder that the awesome "Not The New Album EP" was released via ICON Mes today on iTunes USA, you can click here to buy your copy right now! (US iTunes account and iTunes software required!).

For anyone without iTunes but wanting to check out the preview of "Photographs" and "Politics" (the two non-album tracks that make up the EP along with "Mental Health") you can do so below!

UPDATE: Congratulations to Zebrahead as the new EP is now currently featured on the iTunes USA homepage under the "What's Hot" section. The EP is also featured on the "New Releases" tab on the front of the Rock Music Page and Alternative Music Page. Check out the features below:


Anonymous said...

you're incorrect - what shows in that section is editorial - the only bit that is controlled by how many downloads is the chart section.

dataDyneDaz said...

Yeah I got that info from a blog I googled about iTunes features, and it seemed to be correct at the time as the majority of new releases are listed there. However when I was looking at the charts I noticed it didn't coincide with "What's Hot" so yeah I guess "What's Hot" depends on staff picks and what releases are being given a push by record labels etc. as oppose to what is selling lots.

Thanks for clearing that up though.

JediBmoney said...

HOLY SHIT. photographs sounds SO MUCH better.