Tuesday, 29 July 2008

First Look At The Japanese Reissues!

As some of you may be aware, on the same day that 'Phoenix' hit the shops in Japan, Zebrahead's Japanese label also made cheaper priced reissues of the old albums available to fans. A very smart move on their part, as not only does it allow new fans to experience old Zebrahead, it also adds to total sales numbers for these album increasing Zebrahead's chances of getting more gold records over there!

Before the release of these reissues, several online sites selling the new editions simply stated that the albums had a "special zebra sleeve". It's not been until now that non Japanese fans have been able to take a look at what exactly the new edition looks like, so below is an image of the 'Playmate Of The Year' reissue.

These sleeves are only available with the first pressing versions of the reissue albums, as those pressed after will come in the standard case only. If you're interested in getting yourself one of these then get checking the import sites or perhaps eBay, but as with the Be@rbrick Edition of 'Phoenix', these first pressing were prone to selling out in most places straight away.

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