Thursday, 24 July 2008

Matty's Q&A Session!

Firstly a big thanks to everyone who submitted questions and of course thanks to Matty himself for taking time out of his schedule to do this! Below is the complete Q&A!

Zebrahead Related:

Q. What inspires you when it comes to writing lyrics for songs? (e.g. what inspired you while writing "Phoenix"?)
A. I like to write about things that I know and that I can relate to. Sometimes situations that have happened in my past or someone else’s past, inspire me and makes me want to write about that.

Q. When it comes to recording, what's the biggest thing you've learned over the years?
A. Always be prepared. Have all your lyrics written and be sure to know your songs so it doesn’t sound like you’re reading it off of a paper…oh and bring stuff to do while the other guys are recording.

Q. Have SEGA contacted you regarding future Sonic game soundtracks?
A. Nope, not as of yet. Who knows if they’ll even make another Sonic game??

Q. When is there going to be a new Fanclub CD?

A. Hmmm, good question…probably soon? J

Q. Best and worst thing about being in a band?

A. BEST: Being on stage and listening to your finished product (cd). WORST: Being away from family.

Q. Will there be any other music videos for songs off 'Phoenix'? Or perhaps for a song off the 'Not The New Album EP'?

A. There will probably be another video for at least one more song…but I’m not sure which one that would be.

Q. Any idea what song will be your next single?
A. Nope

Q. In your opinion how many years/albums are left in Zebrahead?
A. 71 1/3

Q. Does Zebrahead have plans on recording any Jank 1000 stuff?
A. Nope, we’re Zebrahead after all.

Q. Any plans for another "Waste Of…" B-sides album?
A. We’ll have to wait and see huh?…nothing in the works

Q. Will you ever sing either version of 'His World' live?
A. Most likely 100%-ly nope probably maybe not.

Q. If you had the ability to relive your Zebrahead career knowing everything you know now, would you do it? What would you change (if anything)?
A. Of course I would. I would probably change my boxers more often.

Q. Do you and Ali ever write each others lyrics, or only your own?
A. No, but for the record I AM the “assistant rapper”…just as Ali is the “assistant singer”. We like titles.

Q. How much of the guitars do write?
A. I write riffs here and there and do most rythyms. We actually do write as a band though, so we’re all equal when it comes to the writing process.

Q. Could you beat Ben at drums?
A. Oh yeah…I suck, but he sucks worse.

Q. You recently got some great exposure from doing songs for both WWE and Sonic The Hedgehog, are there any other similar opportunities that have been presented to you for the not too distant future?
A. Our publicist is constantly working on getting us more exposure. I can’t wait to do the music for some porn!

Q. Who in the band is the best at Guitar Hero?
A. Ben. He has it at home and has beaten it several times.

Q. Do you enjoy playing live or are you more at home in a studio?
A. I like playing in general. Sure it’s better to play in front of people, but sometimes it’s rad to record it and listen to the finished product. So to answer your question..i just like playing!

Q. In a Guitar Battle, who would win you or Greg?
A. Are you kidding me? Greg shreds!…BUT if we were actually “battling”, I would kick his ass because my guitars are lighter and I can swing them faster.

Q. Do any fans annoy you?
A. Only the girl fans that DON’T throw their bras onstage.

Q. Any regrets, missed opportunities or things that might've been?
A. I wish I was a little bit taller…I wish I was a baller…I wish I had a girl who looked good I would call her…I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat and a ’64 Impala…

Q. Were/are you aware of your escalating popularity?

A. Stop spreading such lies!

Q. Favorite Zebrahead song?

A. I like “Back To Normal” and “Two Wrongs…” and “HMP”

Q. Favorite Zebrahead music video?
A. Mental Health

Q. If Zebrahead were to call it a day, what do you think you'd end up doing? Forming a new band? Going solo? Leave the music business altogether?
A. I would probably keep writing songs and see what happens…maybe become an action movie star?

Q. Will Zebrahead ever re-record older songs with you doing vocals?
A. Maybe on a live cd.

Q. Are you used to seeing yourself in magazines/on front covers? Or are you weirded out by that?
A. No…I was a male model for many many years before ZH, and my walls in my house are covered with my shots from all my catalogs and underwear ads I did.

Q. Due to replacing a cruicial member in the band did you feel immense pressure of having to live up to people's previous expectations of Zebrahead? Did you hate being compared to Justin all the time?

A. Who? I’m just here to party.

Q. Did fans ever end up calling you Justin back in the day? How did you respond to that? Were you annoyed or did you see it as a compliment (as they didn't realise the singer had changed?)
A. I think I was called Justin a couple times, but I just responded by speaking spanish. Would it be a compliment to you if I called you Phil? Huh Phil?? J

Q. On the recent Idobi Radio interview show (I know you weren't there!) some kid asked if we'd ever get to hear 'Rise Up' (from BTTW sessions) and Ben and Ed said they would put the song up for download the next day for fans to hear, but they never did? Can you ask them to put it up on the official site or something?
A. I can ask, but I think I have the only copy…on 8 Track.

Q. Will you be releasing any more iTunes EPs in the future with more b-side songs on?
A. Possibly

Phoenix Related:

Q. Is 'HMP' related to skateboarding in any way?
A. If you want it to be!

Q. How much Guitar Hero did you play while writing/recording Phoenix?
A. Because Greg and I slept at our studio, we played it almost every night, but had to stop because we started tripping balls because our eyes were so messed up…we thought the floor was moving.

Q. Will the European version of Phoenix see any kind of exclusive bonus track? Any word on what track(s) if so?
A. I don’t belive so.

Q. Will the 'European' version of Phoenix only be available in the UK?
A. No, it will be available in many countries throughout Europe!

Q. When did you start writing Phoenix?
A. Probably after our last tour for “BTTW”…or 1983…you pick!

Q. Which songs off the new album do you plan/look forward too singing live?

A. None…I look forward to hearing you guys singing them!

Q. Which songs will you probably not sing live?

A. Hmmm…we probably won’t sing ”Purple Rain”, “Working For The Weekend”, “I Can’t Fight This Feeling”, and we probably won’t sing “Wind Beneath My Wings” live…

Q. Did you like the cover art for Pheonix?
A. I do, but I feel bad that we had to set that guy on fire. I hope he made it.

Q. How long did it take to write 'We're Not A Cover Band...'? Who came up with the idea?
A. I came up with the idea because I thought it would be kinda funny to write a song using different song titles from that game.

Q. Seeing as 'We're Not A Cover Band, We're A Tribute Band' has so many Guitar Hero 3 references, what are the chances of that song (or ZH in general) being featured in Guitar Hero 4?
A. We’re working on it…but it’s not up to us. As for the song…who knows?

Q. How do you think Phoenix compares to your other albums?
A. Phoenix is our best album by far!

Q. Favorite song on Phoenix?

A. “Two Wrongs…” or “HMP”

Q. Was it hard to agree on the order of the tracklisting?
A. Naw, we just picked them out of a hat….?

Q. Will we ever get to hear the Howard Benson version of 'The Art Of Breaking Up', that didn't make the album?
A. Possibly. Hey does anyone remember the show “Benson”? Good stuff.

Q. What do you think of the Japanese Zebrahead Be@rbrick toy?

A. It’s pretty rad! Be@rry rad….

Q. How much drinking was consumed while you guys came up with some of the titles of the songs?
A. I’m still hungover…

Q. Any word on an Australian label/release date?

A. Not that I’m aware of…but I thought I might have heard something.

Q. Do you think Mental Health was a good choice of song for a single/music video?
A. Absolutely I do.

Q. Before BTTW was released lots of songs (in live or demo form) appeared in studio clips etc that never actually made the album. With Phoenix we never heard snippets of songs that didn't make the album, so with that in mind, were there many songs that were recorded that didn't make the album? Can you tell us anything about them, or perhaps if they'll make a new album/b-sides album?
A. Maybe…but keep in mind that they didn’t make the record for a reason. Maybe it’s a good thing no one will hear them!

Tour Related:

Q. When does Zebrahead intend to come back over to the UK?
A. November-ish?

Q. What's it like touring in general?
A. It’s really like being a pirate...instead of pirating, we’re rocking…oh and lot’s of “booty”….hahaha

Q. Chances of you going back to Massachusetts in or around the Boston area again?
A. Next time around…sorry.

Q. What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen on tour?
A. I saw Ed being chased out of a restroom by a tranny.

Q. Has there ever been a time when something a fan has said or done has taken you by surprise?
A. Yeah, some fan is typing this right now!

Q. Any plans/word on an Australian tour?
A. Hopefully soon

Q. Worst show you ever played?
A. University of Coloado….i stayed up too late and drank way too much. I think I actually threw up on the side of the stage during a song. My brother was there…he saw.

Q. Do you prefer touring smaller venues as a headline act or larger venues as a supporting act?
A. Headlining…only because we get more diet soda!

Q. Which show(s) (as Zebrahead or other) were you most nervous before going on stage?
A. I honestly don’t get nervous before shows. I do get nervous singing karaoke though.

Q. When do you reckon you'll next play Germany again?

A. November-ish

Q. How surprised are you by your success in Japan?

A. More like, stoked!

Q. Ever been given something strange by a fan while on tour?
A. Somebody gave me a pirate eye patch once.

Q. Seeing as you've played some acoustic solo gigs back in the day. Is it more nerve wracking to play solo or as a band?
A. Hmmm, when you play solo you always know when you’re going to fuck up. When you’re playing as a band, they don’t know when you’re gonna fuck up. Get it?


Q. Can you dig it?
A. Shit yeah I can dig it.

Q. Maclin or Coffman?
A. Maclin. He’s more versatile.

Q. Favorite food and drink?
A. FOOD: Subway DRINK: Diet Pepsi

Q. In terms of music, do you have any guilty pleasures?
A. John Mayer

Q. What are your favourite bands?
A. Ben Folds, Van Halen, White Lion, Beach Boys, Guns ‘N Roses, Loverboy, and my all-time favorite Huey Lewis and the News.

Q. I have heard you need a new car! What kind of car do you drive?
A. 2005 Honda Civic 2-door…value package model. It’s bitchin.

Q. If you had to be gay with one celebrity who would it be?
A. Brooke Hogan….wait, you mean that’s a girl?

Q. Predict the score of the Mizzou vs. Nebraska game on October 4th.
A. MU 61 – NU 0

Q. What advice would you give to any bands starting out in the industry?
A. Go to school and get a real job!

Q. I heard you recently wrote a children's song... care to elaborate?
A. Yes. It rules. It’s about a pirate. It was for my sister and the 3rd grade class she teaches. It’s bitchin.

Q. What's the last gig/concert you went to?
A. Wow…I saw Zebrahead at the Greenfield festival in Switzerland last month!

Q. Do you still listen to your Jank 1000 music?
A. Only when it shuffles by on my iPod in my car.

Q. How's married life?
A. Good…I think…hold on, I’ll ask her. Yep.

Q. Favorite song ever?
A. “Girl Don’t Tell Me” – Beach Boys

Q. Favorite album ever?
A. “Appetite for Destruction” - Guns ‘N Roses, or “…And Justice For All” - Metallica

Q. Favorite movie ever?
A. “Revenge Of The Nerds”

Q. Do you prefer your hair as blonde or black?
A. Grey and in a pony tail.

Q. Pepsi Or Coke?
A. Pepsi

Q. CNN or FoxNews?

Q. Do you play golf?
A. I wouldn’t really call it “golfing”…instead I’d call it, “drunken hitting of little white ball with shiny stick in no particular direction”

Q. Last movie you saw?
A. “Definitely, Maybe”….Sure….I think so.

Q. Where did you get your 'I Love Old Cars' shirt?
A. By loving old cars too much…

Q. What the hell is "Matty's Riverbottom Band"?
A. Only the best band of evil critters that ever almost ruined Emmit Otter’s Christmas.

Q. Coffee or Redbull?
A. Redbull…you can’t mix vodka with coffee.

Q. Beer, Whisky or Vodka?
A. Beer

Q. Have you talked to your old band members in Jank 1000?
A. Yes

Q. Next CD you are anticipating the most?
A. Axl Rose’s “Chinese Democracy”…still waiting

Q. You used to be a teacher?
A. AND a student

Q. What's your favorite song to cover (if any)?
A. The “Revenge of the Nerds” rap, hands down.

Q. Strangest question you've ever been asked in an interview?
A. “Strangest question you’ve ever been asked in an interview?”

Q. Would you dye ur hair pink?
A. No.

Q. How many guitars do u have/or used?
A. I currently have 8…but have had about 5 others in my life

Q. Ever got anyone's autograph?
A. All the pilots from the Thunderbirds a long time ago.

Q. Thanks for bothering to answer all these questions Matty! Are there any closing comments/messages, you'd like to say to anyone reading?
A. Thanks for the questions guys! I hope to see you all on tour and feel free to ask me anymore questions you wish to possibly have answered. See you all soon!

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