Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Mental Health Music Video!

Zebrahead have finally added the complete music video for "Mental Health" to their MySpace Videos page. "Mental Health" is the first single to be lifted from the album which hits stores on July 9th in Japan. Check out the full video below! Thoughts?

EDIT: Important announcement! Zebrahead are to have their video featured on MySpace UK as an exclusive for one week starting tomorrow! We ask that all fans do not try and rip the video to upload to other video hosting sites (e.g. YouTube) until this period is over to prevent compromising this exclusive! Thanks for your understanding!


Kris said...

The thumbnail for the vid kinda summs it up ;) Kewl vid.

Anonymous said...

I just saw it on the UK music page. Cool!

Dylan said...

Amazing job with the video! It's unlike any other zebrahead music video. I love it!