Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Phoenix Be@rbrick Limited Edition - Sold Out!

It would appear that Sony Japan's Official Online Shop recently (and rather discreetly) added a limited edition version of Zebrahead's new album "Phoenix" to its webstore, which has since managed to sell out, suggesting it was VERY limited in numbers.

So what exactly is this? Retailing at almost double the price of a standard CD in Japan (4,200 Yen) this special edition contains the new album as well as a one of a kind Zebrahead Be@rbrick toy. For anyone not familiar with Be@rbrick, this Wikipedia definition should make things clear:

"Be@rbrick is a collectible toy designed and produced by MediCom Toy Incorporated. The name is derived from the fact that the figure is a cartoon-style representation of a bear, and that it is a variation of MediCom's Kubrick design. The at sign in the place of the letter a is a visual device that is a part of the Be@rbrick brand, and as such, a trademark of MediCom Toy."
In the past special Be@rbricks have been produced for other bands, the Queen Be@rbrick to the right is a perfect example. There's currently no word on what the Zebrahead bear will look like, chances are it will either be plain with a Zebrahead logo present, may be made to look like a Zebra bear, or perhaps have a Phoenix theme. If pictures come to light soon expect to see them on PFH!

Once again, this set seems to have been very limited in numbers (we are probably talking around 1000 or so) and these toys are highly collectable in Japan, so you might get lucky and see one crop up on eBay in the future... but don't hold your breath!

Expect more details on exactly what this set looks like in the future!

UPDATE: New details (that was quick) reveal this limited edition set contains 2CDs. Again details are unknown but it would be my best guess that the 2nd CD is actually the "Broadcast To The World: The F*#king DVD" which goes on sale in Japan on the same day! Making this quite a nice little boxset for a Zebrahead fan!

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