Friday, 20 June 2008

Exclusive Download: Live In Exeter, UK Audio (03/06/2008)

You may remember not too long ago that PFH's very own Ryan ("Otekki") was kind enough to upload a video of Zebrahead's entire show at The Cavern, Exeter from June 3rd 2008. PFH is now happy to offer you the entire show in audio format for those of you wanting to have mp3s of this awesome show. All files are tagged with album artwork and tracklisting info!

Big thanks again to Ryan for capturing the original footage! If you haven't checked out his video yet, make sure you do!

Zebrahead Live In Exeter, UK (03/06/2008)

Format: .mp3
Bitrate: 128kbps
1. Karma Flavored Whisky (Live)
2. Postcards From Hell (Live)
3. Jag Off (Live)
4. Just The Tip (Live)
5. Rescue Me (Live)
6. Here's To You (Live)
7. Into You (Live)
8. Back To Normal (Live)
9. Rated "U" For Ugly (Live)
10. Mental Health (Live)
11. Hello Tomorrow (Live)
12. Falling Apart (Live)
13. Anthem (Live)
14. The Set-Up (Live)



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Ryan said...

awesome Darren, cheers for that!