Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Zebrahead Porter Bag Campaign!

Sony Japan has teamed up with Japanese bag make Porter for a special Zebrahead Campaign that will take place between July 8th and September 1st 2008!

Between these dates anyone who buys 2 of the following products from Sony Japan's store will receive a limited edition Zebrahead Porter bag:

Phoenix Limited Edition (w/ Be@rbrick)
Waste Of Mind (Low Price Reissue)
Playmate Of The Year (Low Price Reissue)
MFZB (Low Price Reissue)
Broadcast To The World
Broadcast To The World: The F*#king DVD
Waste Of MFZB

As with Be@rbricks, Porter produce their items in limited quantities which are never re-released therefore it is already expected that these bags will become a collector's item very quickly. Unfortunately this campaign is only available to Japanese residents, as Sony's store does not accept international orders! So anyone desperately wanting a bag had better hope for another way of obtaining one! Any additional follow up news on the bag will be posted here on PFH, so stay tuned!


ColinStein said...

damn...yea we'll be looking at ebay :/

but hey i'm glad you contribute :P

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UC said...

Darren, have you considered taking a Japaneese class?