Sunday, 22 June 2008

London 10th June 2008 Video!

Up for download is a roughly 45 minute video of Zebrahead's performance at Camden Underworld in London on the 10th June 2008. The video is essentially the entire show, only missing the intro song ("Rescue Me") and the final song ("Anthem"). Well worth checking out, whether you were lucky enough to catch this show or not!

Big thanks to Dale from for ripping this, and to Justin from YouTube for capturing the original footage!

DOWNLOAD (~410MB .avi file)

You can check out a sample ("Mental Health" in full) of the complete video below:


Uncle Cletus said...

Darren, is that your psycho-ass head right in front of Matty at 30 seconds? Jesus dude, you're about to hit the ceiling.


(Good video though)

me! said...

anyone know why i only have audio and no vid?

dataDyneDaz said...

UC - ha no afraid not! That's Dale from MFZB at 30 seconds though, he ended up flying past my head!

me! - chances are you are missing a certain codec to play the video. Try searching google for "DivX Codec", it's a free download and should fix the problem!

Ty said...

was it me or was that just a kinda of bad performance of that song. it sounded like greg kinda missed some of his notes in the intro and solo and Ali forgot one his verse. none the less i wish i could have been there rockin out with you (Darren) and Dale.