Friday, 13 June 2008

Underworld Camden Review!

AmpedReviews has recently put up a review of last Tuesday's Zebrahead gig that took place at The Underworld in Camden with Army of Freshmen, Sherwood and Go:Audio. You can read it out below:
"Zebrahead - The Underworld, Camden - 10th June 2008
Support: Go:Audio, Sherwood, Army of Freshmen

Rescue Me
Postcards from Hell
Here’s to You
Rated ‘U’ for Ugly
Jag Off
Just the Tip
Back to Normal
Into You
Falling Apart
Mental Health
Hello Tomorrow
Karma Flavoured Rum

Zebrahead are by no means cutting edge or fresh on the scene but harking back to the pop punk movement of years past this band are a joy to see live; I got to remember how and why I love music and to my younger years of first times in the mosh pits, learning about rock and punk and realising that music didn’t start and stop with boy bands (thank god!). Special mention have to go to the warm up acts as they all held the stage with confidence and connected with the crowd with a genuine excitement for being there and playing. Go: Audio were first on the bill and I can confidently say are one to watch and sparkled in the stage lights, Sherwood admittedly were slightly slower in engaging the audience but were by no means dull and Army of Freshman’s infectious gleaming smiles made you want to dance, mosh and jump even if you didn’t know the words to any song they played.

Zebrahead came on stage to a roaring reception, many of whom had seen them already on this current tour and a majority of whom would be seeing them on the weekend at the Download festival. They bantered with the audience, made friends with the crowd surfers and even joined in a few times. Kicking off with ‘Rescue Me’ they geared up the night with a mix of classic tracks and forthcoming new songs from their soon to be released album ‘Phoenix’. The band have a clear love for what they do, willingness to play with humour and have a laugh and tonight was ‘like playing for a bunch of friends’ in a basement rather than in the intimate venue. The room made a family of the fans and even when the band got the whole venue to sit/perch on the floor and jump to the beat everyone continued to have fun and smile in the soaring heat and sweat.

The boys are great at what they do and though the pop punk movement has come and sadly gone leaving a path for new breeds of music it has not gone for good as proven from the success of this show and for me brought back happy reminders of why this genre of catchy and upbeat punk is shamelessly fun and heart warming.

Review by Laura Heath"

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