Friday, 6 June 2008

Phoenix Full Tracklisting Details!

Zebrahead's Official MySpace Profile has not only just unveiled the new cover art for the album (see previous post), but has now also revealed all 18 tracks that will make up your favourite album of the summer.

Full tracklisting is as follows:

1. HMP
2. Hell Yeah!
3. Just The Tip
4. Mental Health
5. The Juggernauts
6. Death By Disco
7. Be Careful What You Wish For
8. Morse Code For Suckers
9. Ignite
10. Mike Dexter Is A God, Mike Dexter Is A Role Model, Mike Dexter Is An Asshole
11. The Junkie And The Halo
12. Brixton
13. Hit The Ground
14. Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right, But Three Rights Make A Left
15. All For None And None For All
16. Sorry, But Your Friends Are Hot

Japan Bonus Songs
17. The Art Of Breaking Up
18. We're Not A Cover Band, We're A Tribute Band

Excited yet? Also a added note that appears with the tracklisting update states:

"USA and UK Bonus Track Announcement Coming Soon!!!!!..Yes more songs....",

Chances are this is refering to the "Not The New Album EP" tracklisting which PFH has already revealed, in which case we may be getting a release date for this EP very soon. It was previously believed that the "Not The New Album EP" would be released for USA only via ICON Mes. If this is still the case then the new announcement may indeed be referring to as of yet unknown news regarding a new UK/USA bonus track! Furthermore it is important to note that the word "track" is singular and therefore may suggest this is an extra track that is not on the mini EP, or the Japanese version of the album!

Exciting times! Stay tuned for plenty more news!


Uncle Cletus said...

Darren, you are out of your freaking mind, but you're good at what you do.

Well done.

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yea he really is

Colin said...


that was me, i wanted to be didn't would out too well

Anonymous said...

don't forget to order my cd as well


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