Friday, 13 June 2008

Peterborough Soundcheck Videos! (New Song!)

For most of the UK tour Zebrahead have been soundchecking the first track from their forthcoming album Phoenix ("HMP") but as of yet, have never actually played it live to a crowd. After hearing the song one soundcheck and thinking how awesome it was, I had made it my personal mission to get a decent video recording of it at some point for you guys! Peterborough turned out to be the perfect place to video the song, so armed with a trusty DV videocamera I recorded Zebrahead's entire soundcheck!

The soundcheck has been split into four parts and consists of three whole songs, which just so happen to all be from Phoenix! Check them out below!

Part 1 - General Messing Around:

Part 2 - "HMP"

Part 3 - "Just The Tip"

Part 4 - "Mental Health"


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ColinStein said...

i like how ali is literally just standing around during mental health