Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Zebrahead Launch Official Mobile Blog!

Equipped with their brand spanking new Nokia phones, Zebrahead are now able to post updates from the road as soon as they happen! Fans of the band now have the ability to view videos and photos the band members record and submit with their new phones to their new Official Mobile Blog!

The blog is part of the Royal Artist Club (created with Nokia N-Series) and anyone wanting to know exactly what the RAC is about should check out the short blurb below:
"If you’ve ever wondered what the everyday lives of musicians are actually like, this might just be the best place to have a look. We’re not promising any massive drug-fuelled orgies and TVs being thrown out of hotel room windows, but hey, this ain’t the 80s no more and who watches TV these days anyway?

New bands are getting involved all the time. Have a look around, bookmark your favourite artists, add the RSS feed and keep checking back for updates."
So keep your eye on this new blog for possible cool tidbits of info and various updates (but stay tuned here too of course... right!?)


Hectorg5000 said...

Is it me or can any see the pictures?

dataDyneDaz said...

Not just you... lol. I guess they've yet to figure out how to do pictures properly?