Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Ben's Q&A Session!

Firstly a big thanks to everyone who submitted questions and of course thanks to Ben himself for taking time out of the band's busy schedule to do this. Below is the complete Q&A!

Zebrahead Related:

Q. If you had the ability to relive your Zebrahead career knowing everything you know now, would you do it? What would you change (if anything)?

A. YES. Who would be crazy enough to give up travelling the world with your freinds. You all know what I would change. My underwear?

Q. Can you give an update on the current Fanclub CD?

A. I thought it was done printed and being sent out. Just going by what i was told. But apparently it has been put on the back burner again and a bonus DVD might be taking it’s place. What do i know i just play bass. I think I am going to try and raise it from the dead....Because i made the tracklisting for it and i think people would DIG IT!

Q. Any plans for a 'Best Of'/'Greatest Hits' album?

A. Don’t you have to have HITS to necessitate a GREATEST HITS?

Q. Can you give some insight into how Zebrahead comes up with new songs? Are lyrics thought up and then put to a melody? Or do you write all instrumentation first? Or another method?

A. Every song is different. Some are started with Riffs and some with Melodies and some with Drums. We have no rules and everyone helps to write the songs. Usually instrumentals come out faster.

Q. Best and worst thing about being in a band?

A. Best thing – Not having a real job...having the blessing of playing music for a living....
Worst thing – BROKE ASS

Q. Any plans for another "Waste Of…" B-sides album?

A. Yes. We hope to have a B-sides album after the new album comes out. Yes I said this before and who knows it could change again. But shit we try to get as much stuff out there as possible and sometimes it becomes impossible.... on certain things. It will be better anyways to have B-sides from the last 2 albums...you guys already have most of them anyways ...right???

Q. Is it true you guys are going to make a cover song album/EP next year?

A. It is an idea we have toyed with. But no serious thing has happened about it. I think it would be fun..so sure hope it happens...and no we have no plans to record hungry like a wolf!

Q. What extras can we expect to see on the new DVD?

A. Sunsets...sunrises...long walks on the beach....oh...wrong question...ummm....hopefully tons of stuff....most you will have never seen before...so it could be fun.....just like everything else....this is something we are trying to make happen....so you know the rule about holding your breath with us...

Q. A lot of your songs are about relationships, where do you guys draw your inspiration from? Have you had a few devil girlfriends before?

A. I only date angels....ummm...i think everyone has dated a few psycho people in their day...ali and matty do most the lyrics so i can’t really answer this one....but i could lie and say i write everything...that would be a better answer.,.....next time i will stick to that

Q. In previous zebrahead.tv videos of Japan around the release of BTTW, there were some shots of the band playing an acoustic set with Matty on radio stations. Were these sessions ever recorded and will we be able to hear the audio in some form in the future?

A. YES..i have lots of them on video...didn’t really think anyone would want to see that shit....well maybe i will dig in and try to find some.....again.....they weren’t recorded pro style...more like on the video camera .....

Q. How did you get the chance to create the new Sonic theme song? Have SEGA contacted you regarding future Sonic game soundtracks?

A. They came to us and just asked us to do it...they had a song written and asked matty and ali to go in and perform it.....the cool thing is we got to go in as zebrahead and do a cover of their song.....mostly because their song isn’t something we would normally record so it was fun to change it more to our style..

Q. Are there any plans to get the entire Zebrahead discography (including music videos) on iTunes?

A. To be honest...i don’t even know how stuff ends up on itunes...i guess it would be record labels...but we have never messed with it...we are computer dumb

Q. How much input do you get on choosing singles from an album?

A. Sometimes lots...sometimes less than lots....i like LOTS

Q. You recently got some great exposure from doing songs for both WWE and Sonic The Hedgehog, are there any other similar opportunities that have been presented to you for the not too distant future?

A. Right now i haven’t heard of anything....but i hope there are more.....i like it better when we get to write the song though....the WWE song was written by WWE....and we could change it a bit...but had to stay true to their idea....it makes me bummed to do a song that is a cover and people think it is yours.....but whatever it is really fun and I am down as long as we like it........but in a song like the Godzilla song...we got to do whatever we wanted to do...and i really think it turns out much better that way....

Q. Do you get to come up with any of the ideas in your music videos?

A. Yep...especially now....we are much more active in everything that is done....think we are tired of people telling u what is best for us....we would rather decide for ourselves.....and if it sucks we have ourselves to blame...but if we like it and everyone else thinks it sucks then ???....

Q. Besides the obvious task of completing another studio album, what are the future plans for Zebrahead?

A. Start touring again as soon as possible...that is what i live for....i love travelling the world. We really toured for almost 2 years straight on the last album...so it is nice to be home home for the minute.....

New Album:

Q. How will the new album compare to your previous releases?

A. TO Be the best thing ever….hell I don’t know we aren’t far enough along yet..

Q. Are there any more details on the release date? Will the album see a simultaneous worldwide release, or will the situation be similar to BTTW (Japan, Europe and US releases at separate times)?

A. Should come out the same week all over the world this time...or maybe just a few weeks difference....last time was screwed with all the delays all over the place....so we will try to fix that...sorry...i would look for it in the spring...late spring...early summer.????

Q. On a scale of 1 – 10, where 1 is just getting started and 10 is finished, can you rate your progress on the new album?

A. Somewhere between 1 and 10...?????????????????

Q. Is it too early to be thinking of CD names? Or have you thought of one already? Any ideas on artwork?

A. Truthfully that is the last thing we do....it is much easier to do artwork and titles when you can have a clearer picture as to what will be on the album...and right now there is like 30 songs and more to be written...wouldn’t it be funny if the b-sides album was better than the other albums???

Tour Related:

Q. Are there any plans for an upcoming US tour (including the Midwest!)?

A. Always the Midwest…come on…..ok..ok…we didnt tour in the USA as much as the rest of the world this time…but we try…and we really just ran out of time on this one.

Q. Do you prefer touring smaller venues as a headline act or larger venues as a supporting act?

A. I like the small intimate crazy energy shows....but sometimes i like the big shows....so a little of both,...crap i don’t really care...anything...

Q. Chances of you guys getting to play in more European countries (cough Portugal cough) soon?

A. Yes and yes...we are always trying to expand to new countries.....sometimes we don’t get to where we want to go...like this time we were really trying to get to Australia/ South America/ Spain/ Russia/ and yes Portugal.....so those are all still high on our list.

Q. How did your shows on the Get Happy Tour go this past month, and what were the highlights?

A. I think everyday was a highlight. It is pretty amazing how things have really started to go great for us in the UK...so i loved the whole trip. It blew me away how many people had seen us play live before on that trip.

Q. Any plans for an Australian tour?

A. I WISH. We are trying that is all i can say! Crap can i at least go vacation there if we never get to play there??

Q. You recently announced a special holiday show for Anaheim. Will there be a festive theme (Deck The Halls played for instance!)? And is it true Broadway Calls and Army Of Freshmen may be supporting?

A. Festive theme....heck yes....that song...maybe...not sure....hadn’t thought about it....broadway calls and army of freshman...maybe....could be....i think?

Q. How surprised are you by your success in Japan? And when do you next plan to be over there again?

A. We are so happy to do well in Japan...the funny thing is I took Japanese in college purley out of my obsession for Japan. So to get to travel there a couple times a year is incredible. I also have gone to the point of having all Japanese themed tattoos...so I am a little fixated and have been for a long time...does that make me a tad bit creepy

Q. Has there ever been a time when something a fan has said or done has taken you by surprise?

A. Of course...everyday....i am suprised that people actually give a crap about us....

Q. What's one item you couldn't go on tour without?

A. My plaid pants

Q. Is it true you will be taking part in the 'Good To Go' tour next year in the UK?

A. Maybe??....not sure..we have talked to Ed of the good to go tour many times....he is a good guy....

Q. You recently had to juggle the responsibility of being tour manager, selling merch as well as your normal band duties on the Get Happy Tour, was it hard having to take on all these roles at once?

A. It made me really appreciate everyone who has ever worked for us....getting up and playing a show is the easiest and by far most enjoyable thing to do on tour.....and there is tons of work with merch and tour managing that made me stress out....so sorry if i kinda lost my mind for a couple weeks there..

Q. Will you be headlining another UK tour soon?

A. Most likely the next one will be headlining..

Q. Funniest thing that's ever happened to you while being on tour?

A. Watched ed throw up and shit his pants at the same time....

Q. Worst show you ever played?

A. If my job is playing shows could there really be a worst???


Q. Honest thoughts on I Hate Kate? And are you still in contact with Justin?

A. I never really liked school and homework is such a drag

Q. Do you prefer Matty's hair in blonde or black?

A. Pink

Q. Who was the last band you listened to?

A. Broadway Calls

Q. How do you feel about couples getting married who don't believe in god? It is called holy matrimony, should that only be reserved for religious followers?

A. What the shit..???>...um...i am not religious and would never reserve the right to do anything to only a few select people.....i don’t give a crap who u are or what u do as long as your not hurting others...cool beans.....this question made me laugh....i think it was supposed to....and i like that....lock it up

Q. In terms of music, do you have any guilty pleasures?

A. Kelly Clarkson

Q. Favorite food and drink?

A. Mexican food....carne asada burritos....rum and crystal light...sounds bad...but boy is it good...

Q. Can you dig it?

A. Oh yeah i can dig it....

Q. What advice would you give to any bands starting out in the industry?

A. Be aware...get a lawyer....try to work for yourself...and make it happen your way....cause no one is going to look out for you the way you would....get advice from bands that have been around for a long time....

Q. Who are the latest band you've 'discovered'?

A. Van Halen

Q. Strangest question you've ever been asked in an interview?

A. Can u dig it?

Q. Next CD you are anticipating the most (besides your own)?

A. Ummmm.....tough...i really don’t follow release schedule stuff...kinda just stumble upon stuff.....

Q. Last movie you saw?

A. Just rented 23...was actually OK....just saw B movie...was OK...but i kinda liked that Fred Clause.

Q. Do you have a favourite sport (to watch or play)?

A. Sports are for sucks....

Q. Your favorite band is…?

A. Don’t really have a fovorite....i like to many....

Q. Thanks for bothering to answer all these questions Ben! Are there any closing comments/messages, you'd like to say to anyone reading?

A. Thanks for giving a crap!!

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