Friday, 2 November 2007

Zebrahead Show Review - Get Happy Tour, Brixton Academy 22/10/07

The second Get Happy Show I managed to attend, this time in a much bigger venue! The set list was as follows:
Rescue Me
Here's To You
Postcards From Hell
Jag Off
Into You
Hello Tomorrow
The Set-Up

It was amazing to see that the crowd really warmed to Zebrahead and there were people singing along everywhere. It's obvious to see how much appearing at Give It A Name and Download has done for the guys. During the set they included the glowstick throwing oppertunity (something they started the previous night!). Ed decided to shake things up a bit by wearing a very fetching blonde wig throughout the entire set! Ali even managed to do a bit of crowd surfing right at the end of the set too!

Throughout the entire set James Robert Watt was there filming the guys and he's going to be working on a new live video for them. So stay tuned for that. All in all a great night, with a great performance complimented by a great crowd! Below are a selection of videos from the night:

Here's To You:

Glowstick Throwing:

Ed's New Hair:

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