Thursday, 8 November 2007

New Music Video In The Works!

Yet another music video from Broadcast To The World is currently in the works, this time for the song "The Walking Dead". While this is not an "official" music video, it is being created by the very talented James Robert Watt, who has created some great live Zebrahead videos, as well as music videos for bands like Kill The Arcade among others.

So what can we expect from this music video exactly? It is set to be made up using footage shot from the Brixton Academy Get Happy show, however will not simply be live footage from multiple angles cut together. James will be presenting the footage in a unique and creative way that relates to the song in question. Video is still in production and will be for a few more weeks, then hopefully will be revealed as soon as it is done. Maybe for around the start of December? As always stay with PFH for the latest!



video is coming along nicely. still a lot of work to do though.

Anonymous said...

james pwns