Friday, 2 November 2007

Zebrahead Show Review - Get Happy Tour, Nottingham Rock City 18/10/07

Firstly, apologies for taking so long to getting this up! Show was over two weeks ago now, but I've been pretty busy as of late. OK well here is an edited version of a post I made on earlier on.

Before the show I got to help set up Zebrahead's merch stand, and hang out a bit with Ben. I saw Ben writing the set list and he said how they were gonna play "Here's To You" for the first time ever. It was pretty funny cuz Ali had this cheat-sheet with his lyrics written down, in case he forgot the words. So I was looking forward to hearing that. Ben was saying how it was kinda crappy that due to the few songs they can have (due to slot time) and the fact they have to keep certain songs in to prevent pissing other people off, it leaves very little chance for other songs.

Well the final setlist for the show was as follows:
Rescue Me
Postcards From Hell
Jag Off
Into You
Hello Tomorrow
The Set-Up

I was gonna record a video of "Here's To You"... but as you can see they didn't play it in the end! Straight after the show, Ben explained to me they had had sound problems with a mic or something... so couldn't play it. Was still an awesome set and it was pleasing to see how much people were getting into Zebrahead, especially considering there were still a few who had never heard their music before.

I was lucky enough to get a moment to sit down with Ben (and his laptop) and got to see all these demos they've recorded for the new album. There was like 40+, no joke. It was crazy... unfortunately, due to Ben playing his guitar through his laptop his speakers had blown and there were no headphones around so I didn't hear anything... hahaha! Later on a few of us headed into Nottingham to find some food and after that I talked to Ben some more about the new album, fanclub CD that kinda stuff. So was all good, then before I knew it the night was pretty much over. Was pretty awesome. Zebrahead's set was good, a little short (but what can you expect) and they don't even get a proper soundcheck which is kinda lame for them, but they did great considering, and have come on leaps and bounds since I last saw them!

To see all my photos from this show check out my thread on!

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