Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Updates! Updates! Updates!

Well turns out Darren is not really dead...shucks.

It's been a loooong time since our last update. We have plenty to talk about. New merch, new video, new myspace and so on.

There's a new video from the album Panty Raid. The No Doubt song "Underneath It All" is NOT a video of Matty kinda stripping in a corset...or Matty rolling around in some white sheets...it's...odd. Enjoy.

New video with a new myspace to match! Check it out! Tell all your friends!

Didn't tell your friends? Well fuck you then, order some new merch and they'll have to see it. There's some new shirts, a new hoodie and a tote bag! Perhaps there's some more coming? We'll see in the coming weeks.

Don't have Panty Raid yet? Why the hell not?! Check it here!

Zebrahead is also going on tour quite soon! Ever heard of a little thing called PunkSpring? Yea...neither have I. I guess it's a Japanese thing. They also have UK shows so don't you worry. US shows...can't say...


Anonymous said...

stick to the news and no stupid death storys, ive been reading your site for a long time but thought wtf when I read about the death of your friend, then an even bigger wtf when I read it was some kind of joke. kinda stupid

ColinStein said...

Well see, he was the one who started this and it was really to get him off his ass and start being better at stalking the band better than us. I guess he just doesn't care anymore of has a girlfriend or something. I'll remove it if you're that offended.