Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Zebrahead On New Sonic CD

Coming to Japan on January 23rd is the recently announced Sonic "True Blue: Best Of Sonic The Hedgehog" soundtrack CD. While details for the CD are scarce, and the current tracklisting is unknown, Ben recently informed me that "His World" (both versions?) will appear on the CD.

While this isn't particularly exciting for those who already have these songs, the strong rumours of new Crush 40 remixes and a blurb from CD Japan offers a hint that we may get some extra Zebrahead tracks in some form.

"Look back on fifteen years of "Sonic the Hedgehog" with the best vocal songs from each of the previously released "Sonic" games. Includes unreleased tracks, CD debuts, the latest remixes, and even bonus tracks from some of today's hottest artists!"
Whether or not a Zebrahead bonus track or new remix of "His World" will crop up is as of yet unknown. Expect more details on the tracklist as the release date gets closer! Here's hoping!

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