Saturday, 15 December 2007

New DVD Available "ASAP".

Ben recently created a thread on detailing the release of the new DVD "Broadcast To The World: The Fucking DVD". Check out the post below:

"Hey guys the new dvd will be for sale at isn't up right this second...but give me 24 hours and it will be up....but check the news section to see what it includes....

thanks for giving a shit!

happy holidays and see some of you at HOB on the 29th!

Info taken from the official site:

"THE NEW DVD "BROADCAST TO THE WORLD: THE FUCKING DVD" is done! It will appear in the online store ASAP and will only be available online and at shows tell spring/summer next year. This thing has all 5 videos (plus a bonus version of "broadcast to the world"), Live songs performed in Munich, Tokyo, London, Osaka, Anaheim and Seattle and over 1 hour of home videos/ band interviews/ tour diary videos. The complete Broadcast to the World tour and album DVD!!!"

Keep your eye on the ZH Store!

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